Zoho Unveils Zoho PhoneBridge Platform

Platform Accelerates Delivery of Solutions Integrating Call Management Solutions with Zoho Apps

PLEASANTON, Calif.--()--Zoho today unveiled Zoho PhoneBridge Platform. Available immediately to telephony vendors, the platform accelerates the development and deployment of solutions that integrate cloud PBX and call center management applications with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk, today, and with other Zoho business applications going forward. Now, vendors can quickly enable access to powerful call management features directly from familiar Zoho UIs, the fluid user experience of integrated telephony and business applications.

Zoho PhoneBridge Platform enters the market as more end-user organizations demand the power to orchestrate their call activity without interrupting the work they are doing in their primary business applications. With conventional methods, however, integrating telephony and business applications can take months, frustrating vendors seeking to meet market demands in a timely fashion. Similarly, the awkwardly integrated solutions that result wind up frustrating end users, who can finally continue working but must do so at much slower pace.

“Conventional integration platforms create a lose-lose proposition for vendors and end users alike,” said Mani Vembu, chief operations officer of Zoho. “Zoho PhoneBridge Platform lets vendors deploy integrated solutions in less time, with less development effort. In fact, call center management and cloud PBX vendors need zero knowledge of Zoho applications to integrate their applications with ours. Our platform focuses the vendors' development efforts on their side of the integration, and that can eliminate over 50 percent of the overall development burden.”

Inside Zoho PhoneBridge Platform and Platform Partners

Zoho PhoneBridge Platform offers robust APIs that make the development process fast and hassle-free. In turn, vendors can create telephony-powered editions of Zoho applications that let users perform single-click dialling, see incoming call pop-ups, automate their call logging, and review in-depth call analytics — all from within their Zoho applications.

In an industry-first move for CRM, Zoho PhoneBridge Platform's launch is partnered by 15 international telephony vendors who have used the platform to build completely integrated solutions for Zoho Applications. The immediate momentum offered by having 15 international partners results in higher visibility and adoption among Zoho users, for solutions built using Zoho PhoneBridge Platform.

Zoho has chosen six of the vendors to feature in their partner spotlight, and to work more closely with after this launch.

  • AT&T Office@Hand
  • Jive
  • Vonage
  • Aircall
  • Syntec
  • Babelforce

Other Zoho PhoneBridge Platform partners include Sipgate, Kixie, ActivePBX, HubThunder, Duocom, Ameyo, Mondago, Inopla, and iKontel.

The 15 integrations developed by launch partners using the Zoho PhoneBridge Platform strengthen Zoho's appeal in crucial markets like Germany, France, India, Canada, Spain, USA and the UK. Businesses from these regions now have a help desk and CRM software that integrates with their preferred call management solution.

Zoho by the numbers

More than 300,000 businesses across 60 countries actively use Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk, collectively completing deals worth more than $200 billion every year. Call management solutions are the most favored Zoho CRM integrations, with more than 40 million calls logged and more than a million hours spent on call by salespeople annually.

Pricing and availability

Zoho PhoneBridge Platform is open to all cloud PBX and call center management solutions, and it will be made available on request.

The release of Zoho PhoneBridge platform comes along with Zoho's latest announcement of a host of productivity-centred features like Zia and Blueprint, for users of Zoho CRM. Cloud PBX and call center management solutions can apply to be a PhoneBridge partner and get quick-start assistance, by visiting: www.zoho.com/phonebridge

For more information on Zoho CRM, please visit www.zoho.com/crm.
For more information on Zoho Desk, please visit www.zoho.com/desk.

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