Truelytics Launches First Subscription Service to Benchmark and Improve Advisory Firms

Helps industry facing regulatory hurdles and record turnover

BOSTON--()--Today marks the launch of Truelytics, the first software-as-a-service application that allows financial advisors to optimize their practices through business intelligence.

Success in asset management is harder than ever to achieve. Financial advisors are under market, fee, and regulatory pressure. A recent study found that 60 percent of advisors will not be in business in the next 10 years, pushed out by retirement or the inability to run a successful practice.

Truelytics is the first subscription-based software platform designed to help advisors continuously manage their practices better by benchmarking firm operations against the industry, as well as providing insights into changes that can be made to maximize the value of their practice.

The technology behind Truelytics was developed by Gladstone Associates, a leading consulting firm for advisors founded by industry veterans Daniel Kreuter and Paul Lally. Truelytics acquired the technology and intellectual property assets of Gladstone Technology Partners. Gladstone is an investor in Truelytics and the companies will continue to collaborate on technology development.

“I’ve worked with advisors for 30 years – my goal is to give people the tools they need to strengthen their businesses,” said Truelytics CEO Terry Mullen. “Truelytics makes it easy to understand where an advisor is falling short and how they can make changes to increase the value of their firm – for short and long-term growth and even a potential exit.”

Truelytics provides a series of tools designed to benchmark and help increase the value of a company. These tools are focused around business stability, client stability and market stability. At launch the software’s analysis capabilities includes 40 key performance indicators as well as estimates of the degree to which meeting these indicators would improve business value.

One of these tools establishes a firm’s valuation, measured through four different discounted cash models. The result is a more accurate picture of a firm’s worth than the traditional revenue multiplier model. Historically, creating a valuation required spending thousands of dollars and the use of an independent valuation consultant – beyond the means of many small or medium sized advisory firms.

“Many advisors don’t treat their business operations as the largest asset, which they should. Truelytics helps firms to measure, monitor and improve this asset for months and years down the line,” said Brendan McSheffrey, President and Chief Operating Officer at Truelytics.

In addition, Truelytics will continuously process advisor feedback, using existing problems and areas of friction identified across practices to inform additional tools and product enhancements that will roll out as part of the company’s subscription-based model.

“Truelytics represents an important step in the way the financial community thinks about how they manage and grow businesses. We help businesses adopt an approach of continuous improvement, giving the mindset I’ve seen work in more than three decades in the business,” said Kevin Connor, Managing Director of Distribution with Truelytics.

Truelytics will be sold direct to advisors and product sponsors as well as through other distribution platforms. The company already works with leading distributors, and will continue its rollout in the weeks ahead.

About Truelytics

Truelytics offers financial advisors the first tool for benchmarking and increasing the value of their practices using a software-as-a-service model. Developed by industry leader Gladstone Associates, the technology behind Truelytics gives advisors the tools they need to understand the current worth of their business – and how that can grow. The firm provides a series of tools allowing firms to prepare themselves for a sale or strengthen themselves for future acquisitions. The firm is based in Boston. For more information visit


Jon Schubin, 646-395-6324


Jon Schubin, 646-395-6324