Carnegie Learning Expands Assessment Offerings with More Summative Options Through Edulastic

Providing schools/districts that need digital, summative assessments in addition to its proven formative assessment

PITTSBURGH--()--Carnegie Learning, Inc. announced today a collaboration with Edulastic, an online assessment platform that provides educators additional ways to assess learning and measure student progress. Carnegie Learning customers now have additional flexibility to add summative assessments to complement the formative assessment built into the MATHia software.

The online assessment platform of Edulastic works alongside MATHia’s proven formative assessment to provide a digital summative assessment. Edulastic assessments provide immediate access to comprehensive results and data. Since all questions in the MATHia item banks are automatically graded, Edulastic users receive immediate data on student performance without teacher data entry. Edulastic is an ideal solution as it provides educators with access to:

  • High-quality Assessments and Item Banks
  • Immediate Access to Comprehensive Results and Data
  • Authoring with 30+ Technology-Enhanced Question Types

“The relationship between Edulastic and Carnegie Learning provides the ability to support school districts with more options when it comes to assessments,” stated Barry Malkin, CEO for Carnegie Learning. “Our MATHia software already provides ongoing formative assessment and predictive analytics to ensure teachers have real time insight into their students’ math skills and understanding. Paired with Edulastic, both mastery and summative growth measures are available to schools when they need it.”

"We look forward to helping math teachers take learning a step further with this partnership." says Aditya Agarkar, Co-Founder of Edulastic. “Edulastic expands the benefit teachers get from MATHia by providing customizable assessments that mirror state summative assessments and deliver a holistic view of student progress.”

Carnegie Learning provides innovative research-proven mathematics programs aligned to core standards that are consistent with the Standards for Mathematical Practice. The company is an active research organization that focuses on understanding how students think about, understand and apply mathematics knowledge.

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About Carnegie Learning, Inc.

Carnegie Learning is a provider of innovative, research-based mathematics software, textbooks, and professional development services for middle and high schools. Providing differentiated instruction across the United States, Carnegie Learning is helping students to succeed in math as a gateway to graduation, college, and the 21st-century workforce. Carnegie Learning, located in Pittsburgh, is the sole source provider of MATHia® Software for students in grades 6-12. Carnegie Learning® and MATHia® are registered trademarks of Carnegie Learning, Inc. For more information, visit

About Edulastic

Edulastic is a next-generation online assessment platform that allows K-12 teachers to track students’ progress toward college and career readiness standards. By providing a free, easy-to-use tool that allows teachers to create and share fully customized assignments, Edulastic helps guide instruction by allowing teachers to quickly discover what students have learned and identify areas of struggle to course correct their teaching in real-time. To learn more about Edulastic, visit or follow us on @Edulastic.


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Carnegie Learning, Inc.
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