Hexadite Launches Automated Security Alliance Program

Leaders in Cybersecurity Technology Advance Security Automation and Orchestration Capabilities Through Collaboration and Technical Integrations

BOSTON--()--Hexadite, provider of the first agentless intelligent security automation and orchestration platform, today announced the launch of its Automated Security Alliance Program (ASAP) with leading cybersecurity companies including Carbon Black, Check Point Software, CrowdStrike, Cybereason, Cylance, Exabeam, HPE, Palo Alto Networks, and Securonix as inaugural members. Through close collaboration and technical integration with Hexadite AIRS, ASAP members are able to provide their customers an end-to-end solution to detect, respond to, and remediate cyberattacks in minutes at scale.

ASAP builds on Hexadite AIRS’ existing ability to connect with any detection system that can produce an alert so it can automatically investigate those alerts and take remediation actions when it finds a threat. It formalizes Hexadite’s relationships with other cybersecurity companies by strengthening technical integrations, introducing bi-directional flow of data, ensuring seamless transitions through future upgrades, and initiating go-to-market activities.

“Eighty-four percent of research respondents identified automation as important to very important in achieving their security goals for incident response, while 86 percent said the same for breach detection. Due to the increases in volume and complexity of attacks, we know that automation is the only realistic way for security programs to succeed,” said David Monahan, research director of security and risk management at EMA. “Most organizations have a plethora of security technologies in place, each with their own information silos, making security’s job more difficult. To create success, vendors must increase their integrations for automated data sharing to create a comprehensive response to cyberattacks. Vendor integrations create exponential value for everyone involved.”

ASAP strengthens the existing capabilities of Hexadite AIRS by introducing bi-directional integrations that will improve communication within a security team and infrastructure. For example, after investigating an alert received from a detection system, Hexadite AIRS can report back to that system with the results of its investigation and/or the remediation actions it has taken. This helps to automatically close tickets, gives organizations a single place to monitor security, and further strengthens future capabilities through sharing knowledge and intelligence.

"To properly deal with the stresses of modern threats, organizations must develop agile and flexible security frameworks,” said Jim Raine, director of technology alliances at Carbon Black. "Given the scale of the problem, there can be no doubt that open, interoperable solutions are the future of security and Carbon Black is proud to partner with companies like Hexadite that are developing solutions that are making this future possible for more organizations.”

“A good security management system should anticipate the daily tasks of a security administrator,” said Alon Kantor, vice president of business development, Check Point Software. “Check Point solutions together with the Hexadite AIRS platform make it easy for SOC and incident response teams to align security with IT processes and systems. The joint ecosystem helps our customers’ teams to work smarter, not harder.”

“Enterprise automation and orchestration go hand-in-hand with CrowdStrike’s cloud-based endpoint protection platform,” said Upesh Patel, vice president, business and corporate development for CrowdStrike. “As an API-first company, partners like Hexadite can easily integrate their solution with CrowdStrike Falcon, allowing customers to manage the entire security lifecycle, eliminate complexity, streamline prevention, detection and response, and drive higher ROI. We are glad to be working with Hexadite to extend our breach protection platform to ensure joint customers have access to the most effective and efficient means to stop breaches.”

"Good security analysts are in short supply, and hard to keep. There's nothing more soul destroying than wading through dozens of tedious, manual steps to understand what's going on and put a stop to it. Security analysts need simple, fast ways to identify and respond to malicious activities so they can stay ahead of the attacks and have a meaningful impact on their organizations," said Sam Curry, chief product officer at Cybereason. "A combination of Cybereason and Hexadite AIRS means that security analysts can quickly stop attacks in their tracks before they affect the business."

“We are dedicated to alleviating the pressures that overworked IR and SOC teams feel when dealing with modern attacks they are facing,” said Ted Plumis, VP of channels and corporate development for Exabeam. “Alliance programs, such as Hexadite’s, help extend the effectiveness of the protection we offer and maximize the value customers get out of their security investments.”

“Many of today’s security operations centers are completely outmatched by attackers’ speed and persistence,” said Chandra Rangan, VP product marketing, HPE Software at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “By extending the Hexadite ecosystem to a broader set of security solutions, the combination of HPE ArcSight and Hexadite AIRS dramatically increases the speed and simplicity of detection and response to help customers solve for one of their most pressing issues – maximizing effectiveness of their security analysts.”

“We’re proud to partner with Hexadite, a company whose mission is to lower risk and costs through sophisticated automation closely aligns with our own,” said Darren Gaeta, vice president of partnerships and alliances at Securonix. “Hexadite AIRS integrates with Securonix seamlessly, accelerating an organization’s ability to catch and respond to insider threats, compromised credentials, cyberattacks, data theft, and a whole host of other threats automatically, in real-time.”

“Security operations teams are drowning under alerts and as a result, they’re getting burnt out and threats are slipping through the cracks. For a number of reasons, there’s no way organizations can hire their way out of this predicament, so automation is the only answer,” said Eran Barak, CEO and co-founder of Hexadite. “Security automation can’t exist in a walled garden. Collaboration is essential and makes a combined defense greater than the sum of its parts, which is why ASAP is a significant step forward.”

For more information about Hexadite ASAP, visit https://www.hexadite.com/ASAP

About Hexadite
Hexadite AIRS is the first agentless intelligent security orchestration and automation platform for Global 2000 companies. By easily integrating with customers’ existing security technologies and harnessing artificial intelligence that automatically investigates every cyber alert and drives remediation actions, Hexadite AIRS enables security teams to amplify their ability to mitigate cyber threats in real-time. For more information, follow @Hexadite on Twitter or visit www.hexadite.com.


fama PR for Hexadite
Mike Reilly, 617-986-5008

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Leading security vendors Carbon Black, Check Point Software, CrowdStrike, Cybereason, Cylance, Exabeam, HPE, Palo Alto Networks, and Securonix join Hexadite's Automated Security Alliance Program.


fama PR for Hexadite
Mike Reilly, 617-986-5008