The June Intelligent Oven Is Now Shipping

New breakthrough technology, brings precision and elegance to the kitchen

SAN FRANCISCO--()--The June Oven is an intelligent convection oven that takes the guesswork out of cooking and ensures that your meal comes out precisely how you want it, making everyone a better cook. Today, June is delighted to announce that the June Oven will begin shipping to pre-order customers during December and will begin fulfilling new orders the following month.

The chances of overcooking chicken today are the same as they were in 1859 when the electric stove was invented. No matter how much care and time you put into finding recipes, buying the freshest ingredients, chopping, mincing, mixing and marinating, your work can go to waste in a matter of degrees or minutes. June solves this.

The June Oven uses the latest in sensors and artificial intelligence to recognize, monitor and cook food to your liking. With machine learning and neural network technology, you can trust and depend on June to cook your food to the same excellent standard, each time.

June’s custom-designed heating and convection configurations deliver precise cooking performance. The six carbon fiber heating elements are divided into three individually controlled banks with two convection fans that can be independently adjusted. For example to create a caramelized crust, June uses the following settings - the top outer bank runs at 70% power, the top inner bank runs at 60% power, the bottom bank runs at 50% power and both convection fans run at 60% speed. In contrast, in bake mode June uses the following settings - the top outer bank runs at 40% power, the top inner bank runs at 30% power, the bottom bank runs at 90% power and both convection fans are off.

June currently identifies 25 common foods and cooks them in the best way. From caramelized roasted butternut squash to juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside roast chicken, June will make sure your food is cooked properly using the appropriate multi-step cook program. You no longer have to poke and cut into your food to know if it is ready or not.

When you put a steak in June, the HD internal camera talks to the onboard four-core NVIDIA processor and runs one of June’s neural networks to identify the food. June inquires on your preferred doneness of the steak and selects a multi-step cook program to ensure it is cooked as instructed. June automatically transitions between roast and broil settings to cook the steak to a precise internal temperature. You don’t have to monitor anything. June just needs your help to flip the steak to sear both sides and of course June tells you when to do this. Thanks to analysis of the food thermometer data from the food June has cooked to date, June is able to predict when your steak will be ready. And when it’s time to eat, June will send a notification to your iOS device.

A team of chefs has been training June to perform like one of them. When you cook a steak for the first time you are able to do it with the expertise and precision of a chef who has cooked 100+ steaks in a June Oven. As more and more foods are cooked in June, the list of recognized foods and multi-step presets will continue to grow. The June Oven is continuously adapting, learning and improving.

“We’ve used the latest technology in all areas of June from the materials to build it to the artificial intelligence that controls it.” said Matt Van Horn, CEO and Co-Founder of June. “In developing the first oven that really does take the guesswork out of cooking, we hope to achieve our goal of inspiring people to cook more.”

The June team worked in collaboration with design firm Ammunition. Robert Brunner, Ammunition Founder and Partner, says, “June’s technology is more advanced than anything else on the market, and in many ways it’s reinventing the notion of what an oven should do. We wanted the design to reflect this modern approach to cooking by creating a beautiful, sleek device that looks at home in any kitchen.”

The June Oven:

  • Carbon fiber heating elements – June uses six carbon fiber heating coils, allowing it to preheat three times faster than other ovens.
  • Safe to touch June’s proprietary cooling technology keeps the outside safe to touch even when cooking at 500F and does not heat up your kitchen.
  • Advanced insulation June uses heavy duty insulation to minimize heat loss for even cooking and to maximize energy savings.
  • Food ID – The June Oven uses an HD camera and the latest advances in artificial intelligence to instantly identify common foods you put inside and recommend custom cook programs. The camera lets you watch your food come to life in real time and share a time-lapse of your cooking with friends and family.
  • Dual adaptive convection fans – June’s convection fans rotate in opposite directions to evenly mix the air to eliminate cold spots and reduce cooking time by 33%.
  • Precision heating Maintains uniform temperature from corner to corner and does not fluctuate over time. Ovens are individually calibrated before shipping to achieve this. Yields better cooking results no matter what you’re cooking.
  • Dial and touchscreen June’s precision dial and responsive 5-inch touchscreen are intuitively designed to let you control every aspect of cooking.
  • Built-in digital scale – June’s built-in digital scale enables you to weigh anything on the top of the oven.
  • Maximum capacity Engineered to maximize cooking space in a compact frame, June fits up to a 6lb chicken or 11x16 casserole dish.
  • Automatic updates June’s operating system updates automatically making sure your June cooks with our latest technology.

June comes with the following accessories:

  • Food thermometer – Connected inside June, may be inserted into the food in the oven to measure the internal food temperature. The high precision thermometer is accurate up to 1°F and can be used when cooking meat, fish, pies, baked potatoes and much more. The June probe is only 1.8mm (0.07 inches) thick, and unlike other probes, will not damage your food.
  • Pan – Made from solid core aluminum with a high performance PFOA/PTFE free non-stick coating,June’s pan distributes heat evenly and is easy to clean.
  • Roasting rack – For use on the pan when roasting to keep foods elevated and create a crisper finish.
  • Wire rack Slides into any of the three rack positions.
  • Crumb tray Sits at the bottom of June to collect drippings and crumbs. Slides out for cleaning.
  • Companion App to track your meal from anywhere Use the companion app available in the App Store to track the progress of your food from anywhere. It includes customized alerts on your phone, watch, or tablet that tell you when your food is ready. Check in and control your oven from anywhere.

The June Oven is available now for purchase for $1,495 through the June website at and through February 2017 at the June Pop-Up Showroom located at The Village at Corte Madera in Marin County, California.

June will be offering a payment plan to new customers through Affirm to finance the June Oven with 0% interest for $125 per month, at no additional cost to the customer. The June Oven comes with a full 2-year warranty, and 100-day no questions asked return policy if purchased before March 2017.

About June

At June, the mission is to use the power of technology to inspire everyone to cook. June was founded in 2014 by CEO Matt Van Horn, co-founder of Zimride (now Lyft) and former vice president of business at Path, and CTO Nikhil Bhogal, the inventor of many of the Apple camera’s technology patents. June is headquartered in San Francisco. June has raised $29.5 million from acclaimed investors including Foundry Group, Eclipse, First Round Capital, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Sound Ventures, Vaizra and a group of angel investors including Matt Rogers from Nest.

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