Dispel Launches Scattergrid Voice & Video Conferencing System

Dispel Releases First Commercially Available Counter-Reconnaissance Voice and Video System; Renders Live-Stream Communications Impenetrable to Metadata-Driven Surveillance and Hacking

NEW YORK--()--Dispel, a US-based cyber-defense company, today announced global availability of its secure conferencing service, a single application, browser-accessible platform that provides enterprise-grade secure communications on mobile and desktop devices. The first reconnaissance-proof live-stream platform offered to the private market, Dispel’s system encrypts transmissions and strips them of identifying metadata characteristics to render signals indistinguishable from general Web traffic – thus insulating communications against surveillance, profiling and hacking.

“Today, cybersecurity impacts virtually every aspect of our economy and lives. The need for organizations to contain their intellectual property and for employees to maintain their personal safety is of the utmost importance,” said Scott Crawford, Research Director of Information Security at 451 Research. “Enterprises and professionals – particularly those stationed in insecure regions and locales – require a secure communications platform that can be trusted and free-from-surveillance voice and video communication tools for their business needs, which Dispel’s new offering provides.”

Dispel designed its new voice and video platform as a business-class secure communications system to protect organizations in insecure regions from unfriendly scrutiny and cyber theft. With their new voice and video conferencing tool, companies and individuals can communicate and transact business without concern that their intellectual property, proprietary information or personally identifiable information (PII) will persist in channels vulnerable to surveillance. Dispel’s non-predictive network system – which dissipates and re-provisions infrastructure to unassociated cloud users – defeats adversaries by denying them the ability to predict and profile where user traffic enters and exits the network, and leaves no forensic footprints behind to trace.

Metadata as a marker

While encryption has proliferated in recent years as a method for securing proprietary information in transit, less focus has been placed on the protection of the metadata surrounding a communication, which often reveals as much as the content of the transmission itself.

Portable devices – whether mobile phone, laptop or tablet – constantly emit data by design, telling network where and how to route communications. This data, part of what is commonly referred to as metadata, is available to any agency, organization, government, enterprise, or hackers watching web traffic. For communications to be secure, metadata must be protected alongside transmission content.

“Parallel with the increased use of encryption, big data analysis and behavioral inference have become the techniques of choice for technically sophisticated parties attempting to decipher what companies, governments, and persons of interest are communicating, as well as where their assets are located,” said Ethan Schmertzler, CEO of Dispel. “If you view hacking as a multi-step process, it makes the most sense to truncate an attack at step one: reconnaissance. By removing the ability to preemptively monitor a target for patterns, we ultimately remove the ability to commit a cyberattack at all.”

“By focusing on shrouding the metadata, we have provided the market a solution that allows people to video conference safely while abroad and protect their business dealings,” added Schmertzler.

Dispel’s platform delivers the following benefits:

  • Each conversation is twice encrypted using AES-256 with unique 2048-bit RSA for initial key exchange.
  • Enterprise customers have continuous custody over all data and materials passed through the system.
  • Packet-level defenses.
  • Immune to burn back and traffic correlation.
  • Dispel’s platform currently deploys across five major cloud providers – Amazon, SoftLayer, Digital Ocean, Vultr, Rackspace – with access to datacenters on several continents.

Demo, Availability and Pricing

Dispel’s voice and video components are available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android platforms. Pricing is dependent upon organization size and user scope. For a demonstration of Dispel Voice and Video, view the following video at this URL.

About Dispel

Dispel is a privately held New York-based cyber-defense company specializing in high speed, counter-reconnaissance communication and collaboration systems. The firm was founded in 2014 to invent, build, and operate a means of sustainably defeating cyberattacks and behavioral analysis techniques that depend upon packet metadata. With the latest technology release, Dispel’s standard solution set includes file transfer between trusted and untrusted assets, voice and video conferencing, virtual desktops, messaging, project collaboration suites, and physical facility cloaking. To learn more, visit Dispel.io.


Mindshare PR for Dispel
Jennifer Guerra, 650-397-5762


Mindshare PR for Dispel
Jennifer Guerra, 650-397-5762