engageSimply Launches First Semantic-Powered Programmatic Content Marketing Platform

Programmatic Plus is First Programmatic Semantic Engine to Power Real-Time Interest Targeting

NEW YORK--()--engageSimply, a leading marketing tech firm specializing in innovation in the programmatic space, today revealed the industry’s first programmatic content marketing platform, Programmatic Plus powered by real time semantic technology. The SaaS-based suite delivers an alternative to keyword and cookie-based programmatic targeting platforms, delivering ads more effectively through semantic technology capable of processing and extracting the meaning of digital content in real-time for quality ad placements.

Unlike cookie profiling or keyword-targeting platforms, engageSimply is a new, evidence-based approach to content development that is, for the first time, connected to contextual programmatic ad buying. “Since programmatic provides scale, achieving quality engagement is the breakthrough,” says founder and CEO Judy Shapiro, who previously held marketing leadership roles at AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs and CA. “The ads placed have much greater relevance and impact, which means they can leverage programmatic capabilities to scale high quality audience engagement.”

engageSimply’s suite is based on its semantic engine and contextual database for accurate, real-time, topic-based ad placement, giving both B2B and B2C marketers precise, data-driven ad delivery across multiple channels.

  • Programmatic Plus: The first semantic programmatic content marketing suite that integrates multiple modules: a) contextual data layer for topic discovery (Brand Wisdom); b) programmatic contextual ad matching placement and (Ad Wisdom); c) Conversion/ analytics in topic-based engagement hub platform. http://engagesimply.com/programmatic-plus-3/

Individual modules can be purchased a la carte:

  • Brand Wisdom: New ways to use contextual data to discover the most leverageable and monetizable topics for a brand.
  • Ad Wisdom: Contextual programmatic ad placement that semantically matches web content to topic-based ads.
  • RTNA: Real Time News Activation introduces the most agile content marketing programmatic solution for brands to engage with news content as it happens.
  • Target Zing: A programmatic retargeting solution that presents topic-based ads on relevant web pages to target users.
  • Conversion Analytics in Engagement Hub: A topic-based contextual performance platform where audiences can be curated, managed and measured using all available KPIs.

Real-time semantic processing achieves ROI positive campaigns because real-time topic interests are highly correlated to real-time purchase intent. Says Yevgen Peresvyetov, engageSimply CTO: “We’re changing the way brands and agencies plan and execute their content marketing campaigns. We offer a seamless integration of topic data, programmatic buying and conversion analytics to provide customers with transparent, high quality, real-time audiences.”

The Contextual Difference: Driven to Deliver Results

Leading B2B and B2C advertisers in Financial, Entertainment, Telecommunications, Business Services, Consumer Electronics and Retail have optimized their sales funnel initiatives delivering measurable results:

  • Precise, data-driven programmatic topic ad delivery across channels reduced CPA costs
  • Modular architecture allowed advertisers configure the technology to optimize sales funnel activities and inbound demand campaigns
  • Predictive engagement analytics delivered intelligence into the ROI of content which reduced overall content development costs
  • Fully transparent platform with no “hidden costs” arbitrage costs optimized working media dollars

Partners in the Programmatic Content Marketing Community

“The intersection of content marketing and programmatic is inspiring a new ecosystem of partners,” explained Ms. Shapiro. “These organizations are integrating with our platform to innovate around quality engagement for all types of marketers.”

  • DilogR – Creating a new kind of interactive visual and video content, its proprietary engagement platform simplifies entertaining user-friendly, personalized experiences for maximum impact. https://dilogr.com/
  • Industry Index – A research firm with the largest ratings and review platform of ad/mar-tech companies, Industry Index showcases verified expert ratings, proprietary and custom research plus a vibrant community of buyers and sellers of 15,000+ brands & agencies; 4,000+ vendors, and 1,000+ publishers. http://industryindex.com/
  • Concept Farm – An integrated, award winning independent advertising agency founded in 1999 described as a “beehive of creative thinking where farmers thrive in a climate tailor-made for sharing ideas” (Crain’s). Awarded Advertising Age’s of “Best Places to Work in Marketing” http://www.conceptfarm.com/

Ms. Shapiro concludes: “Once we cracked the contextual data code, then we could design our suite for real world marketing practitioners - from creative to account management and media. Topics drive a truly excellent user experience and now marketers can leverage programmatic technology to deliver highly responsive content advertising.”

To learn more, contact Richard Laermer at RLM PR (engageSimply@RLMpr.com; 212-741-5106 X225) or visit http://www.engageSimply.com/content-marketing.

About EngageSimply™

EngageSimply, the first-of-its-kind programmatic solution, fuses the science of programmatic semantic targeting, distribution and optimization to achieve engagement at scale. Powered by a new class of contextual data, engageSimply’s platform sees context in real time so brands can engage the correct audiences, simply. Investors include Mogility Capital and several individual investors. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in Los Angeles and the Ukraine.


For Media Inquiries:
RLM Public Relations
Richard Laermer, +1 212-741-5106 x225


For Media Inquiries:
RLM Public Relations
Richard Laermer, +1 212-741-5106 x225