PerfectlySoft Releases Perfect 2.0 Framework for Server-Side Development With Swift 3.0

Latest version of Perfect brings powerful new architecture, compatibility with Apple’s Swift 3.0 language and Swift Package Manager

TORONTO--()--PerfectlySoft Inc., the creator of Perfect, the world’s first server-side Swift development framework, announced today that it has released Perfect 2.0, the next iteration of the company’s landmark programming platform. Perfect 2.0 takes the world-class Perfect framework to the next level by giving developers the tools they need to program server-side applications in Swift 3.0, the latest version of Apple’s groundbreaking programming language.

Introduced in late 2015, Perfect is an open source server-side platform for full-stack mobile development that removes frontend and backend iOS development silos by allowing coders to write entire applications in Swift. Perfect was built from the DNA of the Lasso language, representing 20 years of knowledge and codebase. Easy to use and well documented, it provides developers with a high-performance framework and stable tools for server-side Swift development in iOS, OS X, and Linux environments.

Perfect 2.0 includes many new features, such as support for additional datasources (Redis, FileMaker) and file formats (XML, Zip), as well as significant performance and scalability enhancements.

“Perfect 2.0 has been designed in lock-step with Apple’s consistent stream of updates, including the Swift Package Manager,” said Sean Stephens, CEO at PerfectlySoft. “Based on feedback from the Swift community, we also added new features including increased modularity and interoperability, and these go into effect with Perfect 2.0 as we continue to innovate the platform for Swift’s growing base of users.”

In August 2016, PerfectlySoft commissioned independent research to determine how server-side Swift stacked up to Node.js running on OS X El Capitan. The benchmark tests determined that not only did server-side Swift outperform Node.js on comparable workloads, but that the Perfect framework also beat out competing Swift development platforms in terms of speed and memory usage.1

Available today, Perfect 2.0 enhances PerfectlySoft’s industry-leading platform for the next generation of mobile development with Swift 3.0.

“Swift is evolving extremely rapidly,” said James Governor, RedMonk analyst. “Perfect 2.0 responds by supporting Swift 3.0 and the Swift Package Manager to help developers keep up with changes to this fast moving target.”

Get started with Perfect 2.0 on Github, here.

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About PerfectlySoft Inc.

PerfectlySoft Inc. is a startup dedicated to providing full-stack mobile developers with high-performance, stable tools and support to complete their server-side Swift projects for the iOS, OS X, and Linux environments. Headquartered in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, PerfectlySoft was founded in 2015.

1 Third-party programmer Ryan Collins was commissioned to conduct this research in August 2016 by PerfectlySoft to promote the power of Swift. The company exerted zero influence over the results of these benchmark tests. All of the code used in the study is publically available, and the company encourages other developers to perform these tests on their own.

Collins, R. (2016 August 31) Benchmarks for the Top Server-Side Swift Frameworks vs. Node.js [Medium blog post]. Retrieved September 12, 2016. from


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Molly Vorwerck, 415-281-7170

Release Summary

PerfectlySoft Inc., the creator of Perfect, the world’s first server-side Swift development framework, announced today that it has released Perfect 2.0 with Swift 3.0 compatibility.


HK Strategies for PerfectlySoft
Molly Vorwerck, 415-281-7170