Los Angeles Residents Overwhelmingly Support Medical Marijuana Delivery in Policy Reform Efforts

New poll finds two-thirds of Los Angeles Residents believe Prop D has not been effective

Eaze commissions poll of Los Angeles Voters. Finds overwhelming support for safe medical marijuana delivery. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--A new poll released today finds that residents of Los Angeles overwhelmingly believe patients should have access to medical marijuana through delivery services. Results show that a whopping 75% of residents are in favor of reforming Proposition D to allow for medical marijuana delivery.

While California residents voted to legalize medical marijuana in 1996, Los Angeles made delivery illegal when voters passed Proposition D in 2013. This new poll commissioned by Eaze, the leading medical marijuana technology company, reveals a dramatic shift in public sentiment.

Key findings from this poll include:

  • LA voters favor medical marijuana delivery: 75% of residents are in favor of permitting medical marijuana to be delivered to patients within the city of Los Angeles.
  • Voters do not believe Prop D has worked: two-thirds of Los Angeles residents are in favor of reforming Prop D.
  • LA residents believe in medical marijuana: 90% agree that a patient should be permitted to use medical marijuana under the direction of their doctor.
  • Delivery is a safe option: 60% of respondents said that safe, regulated delivery would not lead to more crime and would not lead to children having greater access to marijuana.
  • Bans are ineffective and encourage the illicit market: 75% say marijuana is here to stay and bans are not effective.

These results come at a time when the Los Angeles City Council is working to reform Proposition D. Unfortunately, the initiatives currently proposed do not include a provision for what Los Angeles voters overwhelmingly want: patient access to medical marijuana through safe, regulated delivery.

Delivery is critical for chronically ill patients who otherwise have to drive long distances or who may have minimal access to transportation. New technology platforms have proven to help cities manage medical marijuana deliveries safely while effectively reducing illegal marijuana activity.

“The poll results illuminate the accessibility issues that are prevalent across California. Being the largest market in the state, Los Angeles has the potential to serve as a great example of how technology-enabled delivery can provide patients with safe access to medicine,” said Keith McCarty, CEO of Eaze. “We’re excited to surface voter sentiment with LA regulators and work with them to create a tech-enabled model that works best for everyone involved.”

The poll was conducted by the firm, FM3, in English and Spanish via phone from July 7-16, 2016; they surveyed 842 registered Los Angeles voters.

If you are a public official or would like more information on how technology-enabled delivery can benefit your city, contact us at policy@eazeup.com.

About Eaze

Eaze is making the way patients access medical marijuana easy, quick, and professional. Where it is legal to do so, patients may use Eaze technology to safely and discreetly order and receive deliveries from Proposition 215 compliant dispensaries in less than 30 minutes from any connected device.

Eaze software features GPS tracking and has built-in safeguards including verification of patient identification and medical recommendation. Eaze works with dispensaries that employ best practices, including transporting shipments under lock and key, criminal checks, and driving history checks for dispensary drivers.

Founded in 2013 by Keith McCarty, San Francisco-based Eaze is the first company to allow patients to access medical marijuana from dispensaries on-demand. The company is setting new standards for technological innovation, customer experience, legal compliance, and transaction transparency. Learn more at www.eazeup.com.


Sheena Shiravi, 415-938-4653


Sheena Shiravi, 415-938-4653