Loyalty Builders Announces Marketing Lift Service

Introducing the Absolute Simplest Way to Personalize Product Recommendations to Customers on Any Channel

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.--()--Loyalty Builders, where predictive customer analytics lifts revenue through personalized marketing, announces Loyalty Builders Marketing Lift Service, a simple, cloud-based service for marketers that prescribes 1:1 product recommendations as needed across any channel for any customer, as well as loyalty metrics for targeting spending and incentives appropriate to the customer’s lifecycle stage.

With Marketing Lift Service, ground-breaking machine learning techniques fully and automatically exploit basic transaction records to ensure the best data-driven recommendations for each customer without the data collection, integration, and analysis steps usually required. The Marketing Lift Service provides a simple recipe for delivering the 1:1 offers most likely to stimulate more buying per customer and keep them from losing interest.

Visit Loyalty Builders at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE), booth 2019, in Chicago, June 7-9. Be sure to ask about our revenue lift guarantee.

“It’s absolutely critical that in those few precious moments when you finally have a customer’s fleeting attention that you not waste it with irrelevant messages and static offers,” said Peter Moloney, CEO of Loyalty Builders. “With Marketing Lift, we are proving that making the most relevant recommendations to each customer typically lifts revenue from 10-30% or more. And we’ve made it highly prescriptive -- packaging automation, actionable recommendations, and a step-by-step approach that empowers marketers to avoid expensive IT and analytics exercises while delivering highly effective personalized marketing.”

Marketing Lift builds on a tradition of innovative, high ROI predictive customer analytics at Loyalty Builders. The accuracy and ROI of Loyalty Builders’ analytics has been proven many hundreds of times by marketers at retailers, consumer products and services companies, B2B wholesalers and distributors, and others firms with lots of customers and lots of products to sell.

Loyalty Builders Marketing Lift:

  • Requires no personal customer information, no customer database or data integration, no data modeling skills, and leverages existing marketing systems.
  • Needs no additional platform or database to install or maintain.
  • Mathematically predicts the future purchase behavior of each individual customer from past purchasing behavior with much higher accuracy than such common techniques as RFM or regression analysis.
  • Learns and updates predictions as new purchases are made.
  • Ranks recommendations by probability for each customer, which are always available for lookup or export as needed to drive e-mail, e-commerce, CRM, and other systems.
  • Prevents excessive discounting or expensive catalog mailings to the wrong customers.

In addition to individual product recommendations and campaign lists on-demand, Loyalty Builders automated analytic services also predict loyalty and risk metrics for each customer -- who will buy and when, what they will spend, risk of churn, lifetime value potential, and more. Customers can be targeted with messages, incentives, and marketing investments appropriate to their lifecycle stage.

Find out how to predict customer behavior -- then guide it with product recommendations that work. Read more about Loyalty Builders Prescriptive Customer Analytics here.

About Loyalty Builders
Loyalty Builders lifts revenue through more relevant marketing at every stage of the customer’s lifecycle, including 1:1 product recommendations for each individual customer -- uniquely combining proven accuracy and revenue impact with the highest ROI. No new data sources, no data integration projects, no new platforms, no modeling skills required; just smarter marketing. Learn more at www.loyaltybuilders.com or follow us on Twitter @loyaltybuilders.


StandPoint Public Relations
Jim McNulty, 508-481-2024

Release Summary

Loyalty Builders announces its Marketing Lift Service, a simple, cloud-based service for marketers that prescribes 1:1 product recommendations as needed across any channel for any customer.


StandPoint Public Relations
Jim McNulty, 508-481-2024