The Climate Corporation Announces Multiple Data Connectivity Agreements, Making the Climate FieldView™ Platform the Most Broadly Connected in the Industry

New Agreements Connect The Climate FieldView Platform To Agronomic, Retailer And Equipment Software Systems, Helping Farmers Get The Most From Their Field Data

SAN FRANCISCO--()--The Climate Corporation, a division of Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON), announced data connectivity agreements with several agronomic and retailer software systems as well as the John Deere Operations Center, enabling farmers and their trusted advisors to quickly and easily transfer certain field data between these systems and Climate FieldView. With Climate FieldView, farmers can visualize their farm data and gain customized, field-level insights to help them make operational decisions with confidence.

“It’s exciting to see the industry come together to help farmers sort through the clutter and get all of our data into one place, so that we can make the best decisions to achieve the greatest outcome,” said farmer Ken Dalenberg of Mansfield, Ill. “It’s extremely important for me to have the freedom and convenience to move my farm data to all of the resources I use in my precision ag management process. Not only do I need the ability to share my information with the advisors I work with on a regular basis, but I need to ensure my data is imported into my Climate FieldView account so I can easily visualize and analyze what’s happening in each of my fields throughout the season.”

These agreements connect Climate FieldView to the farm management platforms of more than 80 percent of the top retailers across the Corn Belt and the largest U.S. agricultural equipment provider. Improved data connectivity helps farmers maximize the value of their field data, while giving them full control over how their data is used and shared.

“Traditionally, data management has been difficult for farmers, because the tools for data collection, storage and analysis have been disconnected,” said Doug Sauder, senior director of product for The Climate Corporation. “We’re solving that problem by making data connectivity seamless. In just minutes, farmers can connect other software systems to Climate FieldView to gain a more complete understanding of their fields, simplify data sharing with their trusted advisors and make informed decisions for their operations.”

Through these new agreements, farmers will be able to transfer data such as field boundaries, field maps, management zones, variable rate seeding prescriptions, planting and harvest data, and soil test results into their Climate FieldView accounts.

Climate’s most recent agreement with John Deere will enable farmers to transfer current and historical field data between the John Deere Operations Center and Climate FieldView. This new data connectivity agreement is in addition to the agreement John Deere and Climate entered into in November 2015, which represents the first and only near real-time in-cab wireless connection by a third party to John Deere’s equipment.

Connectivity agreements between Climate and agronomic software and equipment platforms include: AgIntegrated OnSite®, Agrian®, SSI® Agvance Mapping, FS Advanced Information Services™, MapShots AgStudio®, John Deere Operations Center and SST Summit®. The agreements will enable a farmer’s data to easily flow between his or her Climate FieldView account and many farm management platforms used by the following top retailers:

  • CHS Inc. (select locations)
  • Crop Production Services
  • Helena
  • MFA Incorporated
  • Simplot
  • South Dakota Wheat Growers
  • Southern States Cooperative
  • Winfield Solutions, LLC

In addition, farmers can wirelessly map their field data into their Climate FieldView account using the new Climate FieldView™ Drive, a device that easily transfers field data from a farmer’s equipment into their Climate FieldView account. Farmers can enjoy similar functionality with Precision Planting’s 20/20® monitors enabling them to use either device to collect, store and view field map data in real-time when used with Climate FieldView™ Plus software.

The integrated Climate FieldView digital agronomic platform also includes Climate FieldView™ Pro, a tool that provides customized, field-level agronomic insights powered by data science, and Climate FieldView™ Prime, a tool that provides field-level weather, notifications and scouting.

To experience seamless data connectivity through Climate FieldView, contact your local Climate dealer or visit Some data transfer functions are enabled today, with others currently under development with planned deployment later this season. Exact data types available for transfer vary by agreement.

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The Climate Corporation
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