Blume Distillation Signs Strategic Development Agreement, Extends Technology Portfolio with Exclusive Representation of Patented Vapor Generator Equipment

NVI System Gives Blume Unique, Standalone Solution for Producing Large-Volume Steam Economically

WATSONVILLE, Calif.--()--Blume Distillation LLC, the leading provider of appropriate-scale Biorefinery production equipment, announced today the completion of an exclusive Strategic Development Agreement (SDA) with National Vapor Industries, Inc. (NVI). NVI is a producer of proprietary boiler equipment, and it has entered the SDA with Blume transferring all production, representation and sales rights to Blume globally. The agreement enables Blume to incorporate NVI in its next-generation Biorefinery system design work. It augments Blume’s use of distillery waste heat and available carbon dioxide in the high-output production of organic food, fish, and algae in greenhouses integrated with its biorefineries.

David Jewell and the NVI team have created a significant energy breakthrough that complements our own development work at Blume,” said David Blume, Chief Executive Officer at Blume. “Starting with NVI’s patented high-efficiency process, we are adding energy flexibility options to the performance-tuned dry steam boiler designed by former Rolls Royce engineer Joe Holden.”

Blume turnkey Biorefinery systems produce capacities ranging from 500,000 to 10MM gallons of alcohol-based products per year. End products include bioethanol fuel and antiseptic and pharmaceutical grades of alcohol. The systems feature unique innovations that significantly reduce overall energy requirements, and they make alcohol from a wide range of materials instead of just corn or sugar cane. Blume innovations provide up to a 66% reduction of the cost of traditional alcohol production. Blume will be integrating the NVI vapor generators into its by-product utilization system (BUS) in its current co-products demonstration greenhouse, as well as in its distillery in Watsonville, California.

David Jewell, Chief Executive Officer of National Vapor Industries, Inc., said, “The system generates 900,000 BTUs with a minimal electrical requirement for unit instrumentation and as a bonus produces valuable washed carbon dioxide for industrial and plant use. Blume will be able to enhance and advance our work to power advanced turbines for electrical co-generation, as well as replace many unsustainable energy sources in agriculture.”

According to Tom Harvey, Vice President of Blume Distillation, “Building on NVI’s work, and leveraging our exclusive technology alliance with it, Blume will be able to manufacture and market NVI solutions which, along with our other licensed and patented technology, puts Blume at the leadership of the burgeoning waste-to-fuel field, in addition to its dedicated crop-to-energy business. Blume will employ the NVI technology to make steam from the plant-manufactured natural gas and actually help reverse climate change instead of spewing more dangerous gasses into the environment.”

We welcome NVI staff to our growing circle of key engineering collaborators who dovetail well with our team’s goals to speed the world’s conversion away from fossil fuels.

About National Vapor Industries, Inc.

Incorporated in Nevada, January of 2006, National Vapor Industries, Inc. (NVI) is a designer and producer of proprietary dry and wet steam generating equipment. Founded by Veterans based in Livermore, California, NVI is a Registered Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise, DVBE, Small Business, SB, Micro Business, MB (#47858). For more information please visit: National Vapor Industries.

About Blume Distillation LLC

Blume Distillation is a leading provider of appropriate-scale Biorefinery solutions that convert food and crop waste and purpose-grown crops into liquid replacement fuel and high-value alcohol end and co-products at costs competitive with larger-scale refineries. The company is a technology partner of the United Nations’ Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and is focused on providing solutions that address life-critical applications including clean indoor cooking, transportation, electricity generation and non-electrical refrigeration. Blume systems are suited to rapid deployment in a wide variety of commercial and geographic settings, and the company is currently in project discussions in the US, Canada, South America, Africa and China.

Founder David Blume is the internationally acclaimed best-selling author of Alcohol Can Be A Gas!, considered the top reference resource on the appropriate-scale alcohol fuel production.


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Blume Extends Technology Portfolio with exclusive addition of NVI Vapor Generator Systems improving waste heat processes and reducing energy needs


Blume Distillation
Tom Harvey, + 01 530-249-2484