Paramount Defenses Postpones Declassification of the Paramount Brief One Final Time by Four Weeks

Paramount Defenses postpones declassification of the Paramount Brief by four weeks to provide organizations amply sufficient time to substantiate the brief within their IT networks.

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--()--Paramount Defenses, one of the world’s top cyber security companies, announced that it has postponed the declassification of The Paramount Brief one final time to February 29, 2016.

The Paramount Brief documents possibly the world’s most critical cyber security risk today, one that likely poses a serious cyber security risk to possibly thousands of organizations worldwide that operate on Microsoft Active Directory.

Microsoft Active Directory is the foundation of cyber security at over 85% of all organizations worldwide, including the global Fortune 1000 and most national, state and local governments.

The cyber security risk documented in The Paramount Brief concerns the presence of an excessively large and possibly unknown number of delegated and unrestricted privileged access grants that may have been provisioned over the years in the foundational Active Directory deployments of most organizations worldwide.

Most organizations do not have the means to accurately and easily identify these privileged access grants, and consequently there most likely exists excessive unauthorized privileged access in their Active Directory, which could be identified and potentially exploited by any insider, or any outsider that is able to compromise an insider’s account.

This cyber security risk is highly pertinent to most organizations worldwide, given that 100% of all major recent cyber security breaches have involved the compromise of a single privileged user account.

In December 2015, on a best-effort basis, the company had shared an advanced copy of The Paramount Brief with the executive leadership of the world’s top 200 business organizations, including the world’s top financial institutions, oil and gas companies, defense contractors, Internet companies and companies across various other sectors.

To provide these organizations amply sufficient time to substantiate the brief within their IT environments, the company has decided to postpone the declassification of the brief to February 29, 2016.

The declassified version of the Paramount Brief will be available online on February 29, 2016 at –


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Its global customer base spans six continents worldwide and includes many of the world’s most prominent organizations including the United States Government, numerous Fortune 100 companies, financial institutions, defense contractors, Internet, software and technology companies, oil and gas companies, and other organizations worldwide.

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