Dishman Law Offices Urge Victims of Predatory Force-placed Insurance Practices to Come Forward Now, Especially Those Who Lost Their Homes or Had Credit Ruined Due to Questionable Conduct By Banks, Insurance Companies.

BOSTON--()--Dishman Law, one of the leading consumer protection law firms, for over 30 years is urging consumers across the country to come forward now if they have been the victim of predatory force-placed insurance practices. Tens of thousands of consumers may have their lost their homes and/or had their credit ruined due to the unconscionable manner in which the force-placed insurance market was allowed to operate. While many settlements have been reached and money is available to consumers, including PNC Bank, many claimants who are entitled to settlement compensation generally are not coming forward due to their lack of knowledge of the availability of the settlement money and credit available to them. It is vital that they act now. They must contact Attorney David Dishman today to ensure that their force-placed insurance claim is not time-barred.

Dishman Law is investigating force-placed insurance lawsuits against a number of lenders, including:

  • BB&T
  • Insurers: Assurant, American Security, QBE, and Balboa

If any of these lenders held a mortgage on your home and force-placed wind, flood or hazard insurance on your property, it is of the utmost importance that you contact Dishman Law today, at 617-523-5252 or email us at We will assist you in recovering the funds to which you are entitled.

While some mortgage contracts generally allow a lender to force-place wind, flood, or hazard insurance on a property if the property owner has allowed their policy to lapse, our investigations and regulatory agencies have challenged the predatory practices that lenders and mortgage services may have engaged in when force-placing insurance. For example, an investigation conducted by New York’s Department of Financial Services found that kick-back schemes between banks and insurance companies pushed up the price of force-placed insurance by creating incentives for the banks to buy policies with high premiums and share in profits.

The practices of illegal force-placed insurance have been widespread. As a result, many property owners were driven to foreclosure and/or had their credit ruined because of the undue financial burden they incurred due to these needlessly expensive force-placed insurance policies. Fortunately, the action taken by regulators has turned the tide. According to Dishman Law, those property owners victimized by the force-placed insurance market could be entitled to significant financial compensation, possibly equaling as much as 20% of the premiums imposed for force-placed insurance policies.

The opportunity for property owners to obtain this compensation is short-lived. As such, Dishman Law is urgently asking anyone who believes they may have been victimized by the force-placed insurance market to contact the firm immediately. Free, no obligation case evaluations are available by calling 617-523-5252 or by emailing us at

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