ALLie Cam by IC Real Tech to Introduce Portable 360x360 Action Camera and Virtual Reality Headsets at CES 2016

ALLie Cam 360x360 consumer cameras lead the VR category with many breakthroughs including being first to instantly share User Generated Content to Facebook and stream UGC live to Oculus Rift VR Headsets

With these achievements -- further supported by strategic relationships with Qualcomm, YouTube and Facebook – ALLie Cam is advancing as a complete provider of VR solutions for the masses and raising-the-bar for how 360-videos will be created and shared via social media

ALLie Go portable 360x360 action video camera (Photo: Business Wire)

POMPANO BEACH, Fla.--()--ALLie Cam by IC Real Tech, a global innovator of Internet of Things-enabled video technologies, will tap CES 2016 (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, Booth #11647) to unveil several company firsts, namely the ALLie Go portable 360x360 action video camera and ALLie VR and ALLie Cardboard VR headsets. In doing so, the company significantly expands its 360 offerings which currently consist of the IC720 professional surveillance and ALLie Home monitoring / virtual reality cameras.

This past year, IC720 and ALLie Home have received countless accolades for their ability to capture 360-degrees horizontally and 360-degrees vertically, with monitoring seamlessly viewed via today’s leading mobile devices. Immersive video control is achieved by simply moving the display device around in the air or finger-based gesture control on the display screen. The ALLie immersive video camera App is also the first to share user generated 360-degree video and pictures to Facebook, and stream the UGC (User Generated Content) to the Oculus Rift VR headset.

ALLie Go action camera

The ALLie Go is a high-resolution portable action video camera that leverages the company’s 360x360 technology to stream live to display devices via Wi-Fi. About the size of a baseball, ALLie Go easily mounts to the body or sporting equipment for use in action sports, adventures and entertainment settings. The camera integrates two microphones, a built-in speaker, storage for recording and a rechargeable battery.

ALLie Go is the company’s first portable camera and like ALLie Home, the camera’s App will also instantly share UGC to Facebook and stream UGC live to both the ALLie and Oculus Rift VR headsets. Users will also have access to the ALLie Go Channel, where they can view all the latest ALLie Go videos from around the world. ALLie Go will have a MSRP of $599 and is expected to begin shipping mid-2016.

ALLie VR Headset

The ALLie VR headset is compatible with Smartphones ranging from 3.5 to 5.7-inches in screen size (diagonal measurement), which sit snuggly behind the front cover of the headset. The ALLie VR App and built-in optics come together to display immersive video streaming from the ALLie cameras, as well as 3D movies, gaming and personal videos (hosted on the Smartphone). With adjustable precision optics, and leveraging the high-definition display of the Smartphone, performance is crystal clear and in stunning high-definition. ALLie VR will have a MSRP of $59 and begins shipping January 2016.

ALLie Cardboard VR Headset

ALLie Cam’s first Virtual Reality headset available to the market is the ALLie Cardboard VR. Taking from the Google Cardboard design, the headsets can be used with the ALLie cameras as well as other compatible Virtual Reality video sources available today. The headsets are currently available for purchase in 225 Brookstone retailers around the US. MSRP is $24.99.

Strategic Relationships

With its roots deep in the professional video surveillance sector for more than a decade, IC Real Tech is well-established, partnering with many leading technology and media giants.

For several years, IC Real Tech has been collaborating with Qualcomm to embed its Snapdragon chipsets into its ALLie consumer and IC720 professional 360x360-degree cameras, including those outfitted in the Qualcomm-sponsored Formula E racing car by IC Real Tech sister company 360 Racing.

Ever enthusiastic about the implementation of their Snapdragon™ 800 processor in ALLie, Qualcomm’s recently released Snapdragon case study features ALLie as a prime example of the chipset utilized in an embedded application and hails the innovation of the camera. “IC Real Tech was able to design and implement the world's first truly smart video camera, a whole new approach to home security and surveillance,” reads the study.

The ALLie Home camera was endorsed earlier this year by YouTube for its ability to have UGC created on the camera uploaded to YouTube 360. The content can then be viewed on any display device or computer.

As part of its 360-degree video initiative, Facebook recently stated that it is working with IC Real Tech to create in-app “publish to Facebook” options that will make it easier for users to share their 360-degree content.

With our technological achievements and strategic relationships, ALLie Cam is advancing as a complete provider of virtual reality solutions for the masses while raising-the-bar for how 360-videos will be created and shared via social media,” says IC Real Tech CEO Matt Sailor.

About IC Real Tech

IC Real Tech, LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of highly-advanced video surveillance solutions which are installed at over 100,000 customer sites around the world.

IC Real Tech has unique strategic relationships with leading global firms such as Qualcomm, Facebook, YouTube, Verizon, Motorola, ZEISS and others. The company’s technology is ideally suited for and has been deployed for use in business enterprises, residences, public infrastructures, schools, military basis, airports, ports, rail networks, stadiums, retailers and casinos, as well as other applications. The company has pioneered the introduction of the Cloud Video Recorder™ and 360 x 360-degree video camera technology, called ALLieCam which has received critical acclaim internationally.


For IC Real Tech
Paul Muto, 631-849-4301

Release Summary

At the upcoming CES 2016, ALLie Cam by IC Real Tech will unveil its ALLie Go portable 360x360 action video camera and ALLie VR and ALLie Cardboard Virtual Reality headsets.


For IC Real Tech
Paul Muto, 631-849-4301