Rentalbusters Launches an All-Inclusive Office Rental Service Aimed at Chinese Clients

Rentals Appointed with Interior Decor, Telephone, Internet, Desks, and Even Fridges
Rentalbusters Co., Ltd. Rents customized offices in Japan that are available for immediate occupancy!

TOKYO--()--Rentalbusters Co., Ltd., a company which rents office equipment, furniture, and fixtures in Japan, has announced the launch of “'All-Inclusive Office Rentals,” a service specially tailored for Chinese clients. This rental service provides completely packaged office spaces that encompass the leasing contract, necessary work for interior décor and telecommunications, office furniture, copy machines, and more.

Due to being a rental, one of the notable benefits of the service is that, the customers can effortlessly set up an office in Japan without needing to bear the significant initial expenses that are normally associated with setting up an office. Chinese speaking staff is also on hand to offer support, achieving a service that has never previously been offered and provides a one-stop rental service for everything needed to set up an office in Japan.

All-Inclusive Office Rental service:

Customized rentals that support Chinese companies planning to expand into Japan with complete packages that cover finished interiors, desks, and more!

The three key benefits of the service are that it is "Fast", "Economical," and "Convenient."


Rentalbusters will prepare everything needed in the new office by customizing it according to the intended use of each user. Thus, there is no need to distress over wasting time and money shipping furniture from China, needing to arrange all manner of things after arriving in Japan, and other such concerns surrounding office preparation. All the client from China needs to bring are their documents and computers, allowing them to set up operations to Japan, literally, with a few cardboard boxes.


Since there is no need to bear sizable initial expenses all at once, this service makes setting up an office in Japan effortless.
For instance, in order to prepare all of the office furniture and carry out the work on the interior decor for a 10 person office in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, an initial cost of over 3 million yen is common. However with this service, the users can enjoy a brand-new office by paying just approximately 150,000 yen per month.
Because it reduces initial costs, this service is also ideal for preparing a short-term office to serve as a testing ground for full scale operations expansion in the future.


Typically, contracts with a number of contractors must be entered into to satisfy the various needs in setting up an office. Some of these include real estate brokers, telecommunications contractors, interior decor contractors, furniture and fixtures contractors, and office equipment suppliers. In addition, these companies will not necessarily have Chinese speaking staff available to address clients' needs, making it difficult to progress forward smoothly.
With the All-Inclusive Office Rental, Rentalbusters is the only company clients need to contract with. So long as the prospective client passes a preliminary screening, the rest will all be prepared via Rentalbusters’ one-stop service, making it possible to swiftly establish a foothold in Japan.

Behind the launch of the service aimed at Chinese clients is the growing number of Chinese companies expanding their operations to Japan

Currently a considerable number of tourists from China visit Japan, and among them are Chinese entrepreneurs who are experiencing Japan for the first time.
Recognizing the multifaceted appeal of Japan, this group is apparently interested in venturing to expand their own business in China overseas to Japan. As a result, Rentalbusters has lately experienced an increasing number of requests from Chinese persons about its rental services.

However, setting up a business is not as simple as sightseeing; a number of hurdles need to be overcome in expanding a business to Japan, including timing of the expansion, understanding Japanese customs, and a geography and transportation network that differs greatly from that of China. Due to the above reasons, despite the desire to move into Japan, it is a significant challenge to find an office that fits a company's needs.

With that, Rentalbusters resolved to offer an All-Inclusive Office Rental service tailored for Chinese clients in the hope of increasing opportunities for them to make inroads into the Japanese market. In the future when things are smoothly underway, Rentalbusters also plans to set up a location in China to provide local support for clients.

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[For interview requests, please contact using the information below]
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