Federated Wireless Launches CINQ XP, a Cloud-Based Spectrum Management Platform for Wireless Carriers and Content Service Providers

Federated Wireless is working with The National Advanced Spectrum and Communications Test Network (NASCTN) and other government agencies on certification of the company’s Spectrum Access Solution (SAS), which integrates with CINQ XP.

ARLINGTON, Va.--()--Federated Wireless, Inc. is pleased to introduce CINQ XP, the company’s first commercial product that provides a private, secure cloud-based network for carriers to extend the allocation and management of spectrum resources through shared spectrum, and that will facilitate the use of the company’s proprietary Spectrum Access System (SAS) once testing and certification are completed.

Federated Wireless is currently working with The National Advanced Spectrum and Communications Test Network (NASCTN) on testing and validating its Environmental Sensor Capability (ESC) for its SAS, and has been instrumental in setting the standards for spectrum sharing with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Wireless Innovation Forum (WinnForum).

CINQ XP will allow carriers to unlock the value of the 3.5 GHz band (called the Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service), spectrum sharing, and Federated Wireless’ proprietary SAS, enabling them to extend network coverage to secondary markets, including both indoor and outdoor locations.

Through CINQ XP’s cloud-based system, carriers will be able to:

  • Access a full list of FCC-certified devices
  • License users through Priority or General Access
  • Plan an extension of their existing network with spectrum sharing
  • Provide and manage access points without field engineering

CINQ XP is powered by Intel technologies, including the use of Intel® Transcede™ T3K SoCs and Intel® Wi-Fi radios within the access points. Intel® Xeon® processors power the cloud-based network that CINQ XP enables through the SAS. Federated Wireless is a member of the Intel® Network Builders Program.

“Federated Wireless has long been developing technology and intellectual property in conjunction with the Federal Government and other stakeholders of the wireless ecosystem to enable our proprietary technology for the 3.5 GHz band,” said Federated Wireless Chief Executive Officer Iyad Tarazi. “Today’s announcement is the culmination of the hard work of our team as we prepare for the certification and commercial availability of our solution. We are pleased that we have used high-quality technology to build our solution, and see today’s announcement as further evidence that we will be a disruptive force in the market.”

Federated Wireless has been working on developing the ecosystem and standards for the 3.5 GHz band since the FCC came out with the Rules and Order for Innovative Spectrum Sharing in the band in April of this year. In addition to working with the FCC, Federated Wireless has worked with other government agencies and the WinnForum to get the band ready for commercial use.

Key Benefits of CINQ XP include:

  • Access to a new model of shared spectrum that combines the quality and predictability of licensed spectrum with the low cost and versatility of unlicensed spectrum
  • An extension of networks indoors utilizing cloud economics, reducing the high cost of Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • The ability to plan and optimize networks in real time in the cloud, reducing the cost and time needed for field engineering
  • New market opportunities that will help to facilitate the smart home and mobile enterprise
  • On-demand analytics to allow for the dynamic management of networks
  • Compatibility that allows for integration with existing tools and services
  • Identification of secondary markets

“Cloud-based solutions like CINQ XP offer more flexibility and performance scalability for the wireless networks of tomorrow,” said Intel’s Renu Navale, director of Intel® Network Builders. “Federated Wireless’ shared spectrum solutions use Intel® technologies to offer a solution that has the necessary capacity to handle an increase in data traffic.”

For more information about CINQ XP, please visit www.federatedwireless.com/solutions/cinq-xp.

More information about Federated Wireless, including the company’s recent filings to the FCC, can be found at www.federatedwireless.com.

Federated Wireless is a subsidiary of Boston-based Allied Minds (LSE:ALM). More information about the company can be found at www.federatedwireless.com.

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Formed in 2012, Federated Wireless, Inc. is developing scalable wireless infrastructure solutions to extend the access of carrier networks. The company’s dynamic Spectrum Access Service (SAS) platform focuses on the distribution of licensed shared spectrum. Its approach incorporates a neural network of radio sensors that allow for interference-free access to low-cost, high-quality licensed spectrum, and breaks down traditional barriers of high-cost, exclusive spectrum. The company’s differentiated business model creates opportunities for more efficient approaches to spectrum. Federated Wireless is headquartered in Arlington, VA, and has offices in Boston, MA and Sunnyvale, CA. More information can be found at www.federatedwireless.com.

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Federated Wireless, Inc.
Ravi Pimplaskar, 703-593-1040

Release Summary

Federated Wireless, Inc. is pleased to introduce CINQ XP, the company’s first commercial product that provides a private, secure cloud-based network for carriers to extend management of spectrum.


Federated Wireless, Inc.
Ravi Pimplaskar, 703-593-1040