Social Media Survey Finds 70% of Influencers Want Brand Relationships and Monetary Compensation

GroupHigh Surveys 5000+ Influencers on Paid Campaigns and Building Trust

BOULDER, Colo.--()--GroupHigh (, the leader in blogger outreach and influencer management software, released the results of a survey which captures the opinions of thousands of online influencers to help marketers get better insight into the minds of influencers and what they are looking for in the influencer-brand marketing relationship.

Surveying more than 5000 influencers in its network, GroupHigh looked to get insight from the community on best practices for marketing and communication professionals, as well as to continue to provide the best service for its users. A common thread was found in the survey responses – influencers are looking to be monetarily compensated, but will only take compensation from brands with products and services that align with their readership and personal branding.

Along with many takeaways, one of the most cutting-edge findings is that 70% of influencers prefer monetary compensation on a per-post-basis over affiliate partnerships, running ads on their blogs or product trade.

The views and opinions gathered in this report show that the influencers are acutely aware that there is a line between sponsored and organic content, and that there is a risk in alienating the readership and audience if they stray too far from being “true” to the brand.

“While some of the results were expected, there were some surprising answers in the surveys,” noted Andy Theimer, founder and CEO of GroupHigh. “There’s a fine line between authentic content and fair compensation, and brands need to build long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships with their communities and their influencers.”

From the survey, results showed that:

  • 75 percent of influencers are unsure or believe they are not being fairly compensated
  • Close to 85 percent of influencers accept payment for posts
  • The average cost for a sponsored post is $200-$500

Further results showed that influencers know the power that they have with brands and their readership, and that product alone is not enough for promoted or sponsored posts. The lessons for agencies and in-house brand persons is to integrate paid campaigns into the organic campaigns, and look beyond traditional influencers into the new audiences that will fit the brand identity.

Full results of the survey, and recommendations from the GroupHigh executive team are in their research report that is free to download.

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GroupHigh is a Boulder, Colorado-based influencer marketing platform used throughout the world to identify, analyze, and manage relationships with bloggers and social influencers. GroupHigh helps agencies and brands streamline marketing efforts by surfacing high-quality influencers and tracking entire outreach efforts.


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