LaunchDarkly Adds Feature Flagging Support for Mobile Applications

LaunchDarkly helps software developers to quickly launch, iterate and control features to end users

SAN FRANCISCO--()--LaunchDarkly today added mobile “feature flagging as a service,” helping customers to completely manage their mobile app and web features. The company’s continuous delivery tool allows developers to intelligently turn features on and off for certain users, enabling faster releases and testing of new features.

Quickly delivering mobile applications has been a struggle for mobile developers as the App Store review process can take weeks. With LaunchDarkly, mobile developers can build the features they want, and enable them, independent of an App Store release.

“The capability to quickly launch, iterate and control features to end users has been the ‘secret sauce’ of tech giants like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. LaunchDarkly now gives this power to everyone else,” said LaunchDarkly CEO Edith Harbaugh. “End users switch from home to work, phone to laptop to tablet and back in the span of hours, if not minutes. Successful software companies know they need to improve experience for their users, no matter where they are.”

Feature flagging, a Continuous Delivery best practice, has up to now required companies to build and maintain their own expensive infrastructure in house. Now, with LaunchDarkly, web and mobile “feature flagging as a service”, any company, no matter their size, can have the same power for their developers. Software teams can easily control who sees what features from LaunchDarkly’s dashboard.

“As Product Director at TripIt, we were the #1 Travel App because we were vigilant about ensuring our users got the best experience,” Harbaugh said. “Now everyone else has the same tools and power.”

With LaunchDarkly for iOS, web and mobile application developers can:

  • Limit functionality to some segments or users
  • Measure the impact of different flows on overall application usage
  • Move features from free to premium
  • Stop broken features, ending “0 star” app store reviews

Availability and Pricing

LaunchDarkly offers a 30-day trial and is available via subscription model. LaunchDarkly supports Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Go, Node.js, .NET, Ruby, Python Twisted and iOS with open source SDKs. LaunchDarkly will release support for Android early next year.

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About LaunchDarkly

LaunchDarkly helps software teams build better software, faster and with less risk. Developers use its feature flags as a service to easily manage the whole feature lifecycle from launch to sunsetting. LaunchDarkly software solves the biggest pains around effective continuous delivery. LaunchDarkly is a Heavybit company.


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Andrea Echstenkamper, +1 941-504-5298