Altierre Reaches 10 Million Graphical Digital Tags Globally

New W line of slim graphical tags huge success

Proven solution powered by new IRISTM IoT wireless chip

Altierre’s W tags are the lowest cost graphical digital price tags on the market. (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Altierre Corp., a provider of ultra-low energy, long-range wireless technology for the Internet of Things and innovative applications installed in over 1,000 cities in the USA and over 200 cities in France, today announced that it has hit a major milestone in surpassing 10 million Graphical Price Tags globally. Released earlier this year, the new W line of slim graphical tags has been a huge success and has ramped to 2 million tags in France within its first year.

Altierre also reached milestones in number of graphical wireless tags deployed in a single store with recent deployments at three E.Leclerc Hypermarkets in France: 60,000 tags at the E.Leclerc Chartres, 55,000 tags at the E.Leclerc Saint-Gaudens and 52,000 tags at E.Leclerc Pont Sainte Maxence. Over 200 E.Leclerc owners have chosen Altierre to date because it provides the best value in the market place, thinnest infrastructure, most functionalities and highly reliable wireless system. Graphical tags do not require a paper overlay, thus lowering the ongoing maintenance costs; price updates are confirmed on a remote dash board, eliminating the need for periodic manual audits. Since the choice of technology provider is made by each individual E.Leclerc store owner across the country, this represents strong national acceptance of the Altierre solution.

Altierre also confirmed that two more leading French retail chains are in pilot with the Altierre system.

Powered by its new Internet of Things IRIS chip, the W line of tags represents a breakthrough in terms of a full graphical display with animation capabilities, guaranteed 5-year battery life and the lowest cost amongst graphical digital price tags on the market today. The tags are backed by Altierre’s ultra efficient two-way wireless platform that requires only one access point for 2,500 square meters. Moreover, stores can have an unlimited number of devices per access point. E.Leclerc stores take advantage of the power of the wireless platform to update 100% of tags every day with inventory information in less than two hours.

“These milestones further demonstrate our ability to meet the specifications and production demands of a major retail chain with the best technology and customer service on the market. The E.Leclerc hypermarkets are massive, some with over 100 checkout lanes. Our partnership with E.Leclerc puts us at the forefront of the retail and IoT technology in Europe, where digital tags have a long history and large installed base,” said Altierre Chairman and CEO Sunit Saxena.

“Altierre continues to prove itself as an invaluable technology partner. They are light years ahead of their competitors in terms of wireless innovation,” said Jean-Claude Cazalbou, CIO of Infomil, E.Leclerc’s IT arm. “Altierre’s long range, high client density, bidirectional wireless technology allowed us to quickly and painlessly install the massive hypermarkets with the thinnest infrastructure of its kind. While other wireless technologies have proven to be susceptible to interference with WiFi (up to 80 third-party WiFi networks in some massive hypermarkets), in our evaluation, Altierre’s technology is immune to this and has proven itself to be highly reliable for years in over 200 of our stores around France.”

The new W Tags also include multiple screen memories to display store operations information, ability to schedule multiple promotions by time of day and animation to attract shopper attention. The display enables the largest price font size available on the market today.

By providing real bidirectional communication that exchanges data both ways (not just an acknowledgment) to each and every SKU, and a host of innovative applications, Altierre gives forward-thinking retailers a competitive advantage through greater efficiencies, cost savings and revenue-enhancing pricing and promotional opportunities to deliver rapid ROI and bring the advantages of the Internet to brick and mortar stores. With its radio platform Altierre is also laying the foundation for emerging IoT applications.

About Altierre

Altierre Corp. is a leader in proven technology that delivers the promise of the Internet of Things. Altierre’s thin infrastructure, bi-directional, ultra-low power wireless solutions are already transforming the $12 trillion retail industry with a turnkey platform that allows millions of already deployed, multi-year battery life wireless devices to seamlessly and securely communicate in large retail stores at the shelf edge or mobile racks, creating numerous, real time touch points with consumers, products and store associates, thus enabling an array of innovative applications. The new era of RF-based applications developed by Altierre offers retail chains unparalleled benefits, from realizing billions of dollars in cost savings and revenue opportunities to enhancing productivity, merchandising and the consumer shopping experience. The technology is being scaled into many more verticals including supply chains, manufacturing, automotive, homes, and defense, etc. Incorporated in 2003, Altierre is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. For more information, visit


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Release Summary

Altierre, a provider of long range wireless technology for the Internet of Things, has surpassed more than 10 million graphical digital price tags globally.


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