Israeli Startups to Showcase Newest Innovations in IoT, Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud, and Mobile at CiConnect 2015

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--The California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) today announced the names of the innovative Israeli IoT, Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud, and Mobile startup companies that will be showcased at CiConnect,October 21st, 2015 at Microsoft - Mountain View, California, and revealed that Nir Eyal an Israeli-American author, educator, and entrepreneur, will be the opening speaker.

Summit Name: CiConnect
Date: October 21st, 2015. 8:00AM - 8:00PM.
Location: Microsoft venue in Mountain View (Silicon Valley)

After the great success of last year’s summit, the CICC is announcing the CiConnect 2015 California Israel Business Summit.

“Introducing a delegation of the most innovative Israeli startups to the Silicon Valley ecosystem allows leading corporates to gain access to top-notch technologies that are coming out of Israel. The startups that seek to expand their business in the U.S. gain a valuable opportunity to explore partnerships and collaborations with Silicon Valley major players and to get a business validation. The companies selection process ensures that we are presenting a delegation that is characterized by an exceptionally high business potential. Three of the startups that participated in last year’s summit were acquired, others received large investments and established partnership with leading corporates,” said Talia Cohen, Executive Director of the CICC.

CiConnect is dedicated to bringing together California-based companies with Israeli Innovative Technology.

This year CiConnect will focus on the innovation fusion between multiple technology segments including: IoT, Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud, and Mobile. Participants will include entrepreneurs of innovative startups, investors, and executives from leading enterprises.

CICC startups showcasing at CiConnect 2015:

Atomation is an IoT platform of HW+ embedded code, mobile SDK and cloud based analytics for businesses, "makers" who want to connect "things" to the Internet seamlessly.

Augury offers a mobile-based solution that automatically diagnoses machines based on the sounds that they make. Augury is like Shazam - but for machines.

Babator increases the number of viewed videos and viewing time enabling video publishers to effectively capitalize on the video market on all platforms.

Beyond Verbal extracts, decodes and measures human moods, attitudes and decision-making profiles based on their voices.

BioCatch is a leading provider of Behavioral Biometric, Authentication and Malware Detection solutions for mobile and web applications.

BlazeMeter's developer-friendly self-service platform offers one integrated solution for load, performance, and continuous testing.

Cabara’s mission is to defend website owners, their traffic and revenues from ePoaching, malicious web or ad-injection.

Comilion is a cyber security startup, pioneering the collaborative security space by providing a secured unified collaboration platform for regulated enterprise and sensitive data.

Dyadic provides protection for cryptographic keys and credentials that are simple to use and don’t disrupt systems or workflows.

enSilo offers a real-time exfiltration prevention platform, enabling continuous uptime during the investigation and remediation of threats.

eyeSight develops gesture recognition technologies to facilitate touch-free interactions with digital devices using hand gestures.

FireLayers delivers the industry's first adaptive security platform for cloud application threat detection and prevention.

GreenIQ is an IoT startup company that develops, produces and sells a Smart Garden Hub that can save up to 50% on outdoor water expenses.

Hello Heart is a mobile solution that empowers 100M Americans dealing with heart risk track and understand their heart's health. 1 in 3 Hello Heart users have reduced their blood pressure and dropped their heart attack risk by over 50%.

Intsights delivers powerful early warning of hacking and fraud attacks, via sophisticated cyber intelligence, rapid mitigation and one click remediation.

Lexifone provides two-way smart voice translation, accessible from any phone - mobile or landline.

MinerEye is a data protection company that offers a solution to automatically identify, classify and track sensitive data in an organization.

Nation - E is a global energy cyber-security company that manufactures and develops ICT systems that enable secure and reliable energy management.

PlainID utilizes an innovative approach to simplify and optimize Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Revuze is a cloud based analytics solution that provides brands a new world of unique insights turning any customer opinion to valuable actions. is an SDK that gives developers control over their apps in production, including the ability to remotely fix or contain bugs and quality issues.

ScaleDB - an easily scalable MySQL/MariaDB database platform for streaming and time-based analytics.

SecBI enables Security Analysts to investigate and respond to cyber incidents quickly and accurately.

Seculert is a cloud-based solution that provides protection from advanced persistent threat (APT) and malware.

ThetaRay is a leading provider of unknown threat detection solutions to critical infrastructure, financial institutions and other verticals.

Wisor offers an online platform for private borrowers to optimize mortgage construction and plan loans.

Woorlds is a software platform that discovers real-time crowd-journey patterns taking place in the physical world, enabling any Mobile App deliver dramatically more meaningful & actionable place-centric consumer experiences.

Yowza is a leader in shape-based search of 3D models, enabling engineers and designers to instantly find models of interest, eliminate redundancy in design & manufacturing, and accelerate Time to Market.

CiConnect Summit Gold sponsors include: Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) , Herzog Fox & Neeman (HFN) and Israel Economic Mission to the West Coast.

Silver Sponsors: RBC Capital Markets, Intuit, Fish & Richardson, Microsoft, ETRI, Deloitte, Merchant e-Solutions,

Bronze sponsors: Consulate General of Israel, The Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund, US Venture Partners, YL Ventures, bpifrance, Nielsen Innovate, LeumiTech, OurCrowd, Imperva, GiagaSpaces, Skybox Security,Business Wire, Moxie, Sagent S5 Advisory and, Vantage PR.

About The California Israel Chamber of Commerce

The California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is a not-for-profit, industry-supported organization dedicated to promoting and strengthening thought leadership, business, investment, entrepreneurship, technology and trade relations between the business communities of California and Israel. With its wide and dynamic network of over 10,000 entrepreneurs, companies, business executives, investors and service providers, CICC provides a networking platform for joint venture programs between the two communities. Through networking events, personalized introductions, mentorship programs, investment forums, roundtables, educational seminars and delegations, CICC contributes to a stronger business and commercial alliance between California and Israel.


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Noa Shalom, 410-733-2477