TOBIN & Associates Announces Early Results of Voting

Survey “Reveals” Sentiment About Why People Feel the Way They Do About Presumed Presidential Candidate

SAN RAFAEL, Calif.--()--Early results from sentiments expressed via the website ( indicate that people are most troubled by the presumed candidate’s proclivity for personal insult and his stand on immigration issues, according Gary Tobin, principal of TOBIN & Associates ( which established the website.

“While we must adopt Mr. Trump’s ‘trust me on this’ with regards to survey results,” said Tobin, “clearly the first two weeks of polling indicate that his personal style does not appeal to a ‘silent majority’ not reached by other polls and surveys.”

Tobin declined to reveal raw numbers but said he personally reviewed results and might reveal them at a future date. “I am taking my cues from Mr. Trump regarding providing substance.”

The site allows responders to “self-identify” and to select from several choices regarding which Trump positions most troubled them.

Tobin noted that responses to the polling had come primarily from Facebook and LinkedIn users who clicked through to the site. “Fully 75 percent of my voters registered the ‘insult’ and ‘immigration’ tabs as their primary concerns,” Tobin said.

Another noteworthy result, according to Tobin, was that 20 percent of the responders claimed to be “billionaires,” a category that the site also labels with “trust me on this” as a qualifier.

“We are still in the early stages of developing our reporting model,” said Tobin. “In the coming weeks, we will reveal specifics and more information about attitudes.”

To date, Tobin said that like Trump he was self-funding his efforts, although he did not rule out a change in the future. “I am not affiliated with any party, PAC nor do I have ties to dark money,” he said. “However, I do own additional variations of the “fedupwith…” Trump domain names. Surprisingly, the property was cheap and abundantly available.”

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New survey from reveals attitudes re: presumed candidate and his stance on issues.


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