Personalized Learning Solution from Agilix Empowers Students

Buzz, a game-changing learning solution hits classrooms across the country

OREM, Utah--()--Agilix Labs, Inc. today launched a next-generation personalized and blended learning solution called Buzz that makes teaching exciting again as it improves student relationships and outcomes.

Buzz provides a friendly, modern design that addresses needs unique to K-12. Focused on student ownership and collaboration, Buzz enables authentic learning experiences and strengthens 21st century skills so students can advance at a pace suited to their interests and abilities.

Buzz is designed to engage with educators and bridge the gap to successful outcomes in next-generation learning models – enabling the move from traditional classroom instruction to personalized, blended, competency-based and project-based learning to scale effortlessly within mainstream education.

“Teachers are the foundation of our country’s education system and they deserve quality tools to help them keep up with ever-increasing expectations,” said Curt Allen, CEO of Orem-based Agilix. “Buzz is going to make America’s teachers very happy.”

Blending a set of best-in-class technologies, Buzz works because it:

  • Encourages student ownership. Teachers are easily able to curate work as students follow their unique path to specific learning objectives, choosing from multiple content options to craft their own tailored approach.
  • Offers helpful feedback. Buzz empowers students to regularly assess their own interest, effort and understanding then provides feedback teachers can use to coach them to a successful outcome.
  • Fosters teacher-student interaction. Teachers can hover less and coach more, heeding student-triggered alerts at learning checkpoints to offer insight, award a badge or start a discussion.
  • Spans multiple education models. Whether educators teach from a blended, competency, proficiency/ mastery, or project-based method, Buzz adapts to them, offering templates that can be used as-is or adapted to individual students, groups or the whole classroom.

“Built to reach students ‘where they live,’ Buzz can help them become self-starting learners,” concluded Allen. “Buzz delivers on the massive potential of technology by equipping teachers, administrators and parents to help their now-empowered, more engaged students, leading to improved outcomes for all.”


Agilix Labs, Inc. is a leader in learning empowerment solutions for K-12 students, their teachers and families. With roots in the early days of online content and communities, the company grew to critical mass while developing custom solutions for education giants like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson Education, providing technology infrastructure for their market-leading products. That innovative technology now takes center stage as Buzz, a learning empowerment toolbox that allows teachers to hover less and coach more as it provides personalized support for students in a blended learning environment. For more information, visit


Agilix Labs, Inc.
Alison Romike, 210-573-3087

Release Summary

Agilix announces Buzz, a next-generation personalized and blended learning solution that makes teaching exciting again in K-12 classrooms as it improves student relationships and outcomes.


Agilix Labs, Inc.
Alison Romike, 210-573-3087