Digital Shadows and ThreatConnect Give Organizations Unmatched Visibility into Cyber Security Threats, Risks and Actors

Combined view of security data and exposed information helping adversaries lets organizations anticipate risks, preempt attacks and accelerate security teams’ actions to defend their organizations

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO--()--Digital Shadows today announced a partnership with ThreatConnect, the leading provider of security software and services including the ThreatConnect® Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP). This union provides customers with an unmatched, 360-degree view of threats and vulnerabilities making them susceptible to costly cyber attacks and business disruptions. ThreatConnect users can now integrate the unique capabilities of Digital Shadows SearchLight™ - including alerts on organizations’ exposed sensitive data and intellectual property and intelligence on adversary actors, campaigns and tactics - within the ThreatConnect platform, yielding even greater actionable threat intelligence for security teams and risk managers.

Security teams are turning to centralized threat intelligence platforms in order to comprehensively gather, analyze and glean relevant insights from security data. A crucial aspect of more centralized, expanding intelligence programs is gaining an “attacker’s eye view” of organizations’ exposed data aiding potential attackers and jeopardizing brands and reputations. Digital Shadows’ unique specialization in this area, now added to the leading Threat Intelligence Platform via ThreatConnect’s TC Exchange™, gives users unmatched visibility into the sources and severity of cyber threats and consequences.

“Our partnership with Digital Shadows underscores ThreatConnect’s commitment to empowering customers with a means to aggregate, analyze, and act on the most relevant security information all within ThreatConnect’s unique platform serving analysts, incident responders and risk managers,” said Wade Baker, VP of Strategy and Analytics of ThreatConnect. “Digital Shadows’ unique perspective on how attackers discover, gather and use sensitive information in different campaigns makes them an ideal addition for our platform’s users.”

“Cyber adversaries are unrelenting in their goals of stealing or destroying business assets - whether they’re financial, operational, intellectual or reputational – and organizations must be aggressive in their approach to security,” said Alastair Paterson, CEO of Digital Shadows. “This partnership further enhances organizations’ cyber situational awareness by adding a priceless, real-time view of current exposures, vulnerable behaviors and other security weaknesses to ThreatConnect’s platform and communities. Together, we are guiding defenders’ risk-based decisions before security incidents upend their operations and assets.”

ThreatConnect and Digital Shadows provide an unparalleled vantage point for quickly discovering and removing information adversaries rely on to hone attacks, while simultaneously letting users ingest and act on real-time exploit and vulnerability data essential for tuning layered security defenses within a single Threat Intelligence Platform. Using powerful APIs, ThreatConnect and Digital Shadows users can now:

  • Monitor exposed sensitive data and the activity of attackers across the visible, deep and dark web with Digital Shadows’ SearchLight
  • Associate Digital Shadows’ data on incidents, actors, campaigns and attack techniques with customers’ existing profiles of incidents, threat groups and adversaries managed in ThreatConnect’s platform
  • Create tasks and workflows across Digital Shadows and ThreatConnect information – helping security teams decisively anticipate, investigate and respond to emerging threats

Digital Shadows’ SearchLight continuously monitors more than 100 million data sources in 27 languages across the visible, deep and dark web and other online sources to create an up-to-the-minute view of an organization and the risks requiring mitigation. It is a scalable, easy-to-use data analysis platform that provides a holistic view of an organization’s digital footprint and the profile of its attackers through tailored threat intelligence, dark web search, real-time alerts, customizable self-service reporting, identification of data loss, and identification of targeting by malicious actors. Complemented with security analyst expertise, SearchLight ensures extensive coverage, tailored intelligence and frictionless deployment.

ThreatConnect’s TC Exchange underscores the company’s unique platform-based approach to threat intelligence that continually allows users to access, manipulate and act on information from a host of trusted sources, in context with their own security data – all in a single, on-premises or cloud platform. Users can build, share, and utilize custom applications directly within the TC Exchange, including applications such as Digital Shadows. ThreatConnect’s platform eliminates traditional threat intelligence hurdles such as security analysts having to individually monitor multiple feeds and information sources in order to distil intelligence or needing to rely on cumbersome e-mails or spreadsheets to share time-sensitive threat information in real-time.

About ThreatConnect, Inc.

ThreatConnect, Inc. provides industry-leading advanced threat intelligence software and services including ThreatConnect®, the most comprehensive Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) on the market. ThreatConnect delivers a single platform in the cloud and on-premises to effectively aggregate, analyze, and act to counter sophisticated cyber-attacks. Leveraging advanced analytics capabilities, ThreatConnect offers a superior understanding of relevant cyber threats to business operations. To register for a free ThreatConnect account, or to learn more about our products and services, visit:

About Digital Shadows

Digital Shadows provides cyber situational awareness that helps organizations protect against cyber attacks, loss of intellectual property, and loss of brand and reputational integrity. Its flagship solution, Digital Shadows SearchLight™, is a scalable and easy-to-use data analysis platform that provides a holistic view of an organization’s digital footprint and the profile of its attackers. It is complemented with security analyst expertise to ensure extensive coverage, tailored intelligence and frictionless deployment. It continually monitors more than 100 million data sources in 27 languages across the visible, deep and dark web and other online sources to create an up-to-the minute view of an organization and the risks requiring mitigation. The company is jointly headquartered in London and San Francisco. For more information, visit


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Release Summary

Digital Shadows and ThreatConnect partner to provide organizations with unmatched visibility into the cyber security threats, risks and malicious actors targeting their businesses


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