Shopatron Consumer Survey: 87% of Orders Delivered in Five Days or Less Makes for a Loyal Customer Enthusiast

New data from Shopatron highlights a relationship between shipping time and a customer’s likelihood to be a promoter of a brand

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.--()--These days, shoppers don’t want to wait for anything. Services like Amazon Prime that offer instant gratification with two-day shipping have highlighted the industry’s ability to deliver products at the “speed of now,” establishing it as a requirement to compete in the retail world.

Shopatron, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based distributed order management solutions, today announced original data from a satisfaction survey of more than 13,000 customers on how shipping times relate to Net Promoter Scores (NPS®). The NPS scoring system assigns shoppers into three categories: promoters, passives and detractors. The analysis found that 87% of orders delivered by a retailer or brand in five days or less resulted in a promoter. As a promoter, a customer is more likely to be a repeat buyer, brand evangelist, and refer more customers via word of mouth marketing. On the other hand, the analysis found the percentage of promoters dropped to 66% if an order was delivered in more than five days.

To better understand the causes of detraction, Shopatron analyzed more than 28,000 customer satisfaction results and found that shipments fulfilled directly by the brand were on average significantly slower and shipped from further distances than shipments fulfilled by a retail partner.

“The results of these customer satisfaction surveys all indicate that shipments fulfilled directly by a brand can be significantly slower than shipments fulfilled by a retail fulfillment partner, and these slower shipping times have a direct impact on customer satisfaction,” said Ed Stevens, founder and CEO, Shopatron. “Retailers and brands should consider partnering with a dealer network and utilizing retail storefronts in addition to their own warehouses and distribution centers. It will allow retailers and brands to significantly cut down on shipping distances to their customers, which will ultimately reduce shipping times and increase the number of promoters for their organization.”

By partnering with their dealer network, brands can:

  • Reduce shipping times by 20%1 using ship-from-store capabilities
  • Enable in-store pick up at retail fulfillment locations
  • Utilize retailer expertise in direct-to-consumer fulfillment

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About Shopatron

Shopatron is the leading provider of cloud-based, distributed order management. Our patented Shopatron Order Exchange allows branded manufacturers and multi-channel retailers to seamlessly leverage the available inventory of every retail storefront and distribution center when fulfilling online orders. Unlike legacy order management software or custom-built solutions, Shopatron makes it easy and affordable to deploy advanced capabilities like in-store pickup, ship-from-store, inventory lookup, and vendor drop-ship. With Shopatron, retail channels join forces to increase sales, turn inventory, and deliver a superior purchase experience to online shoppers.

1 Source: Shopatron 2014 Order Fulfillment Data


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Ketner Group PR & Marketing
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