Realquidity Transforms the $12 Trillion Commercial Real Estate Industry into a Liquid Marketplace

World’s first online trading floor for commercial real estate enables building owners to sell fractional interests in existing properties

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--Realquidity, a Silicon Valley startup founded by technology and real estate entrepreneurs, has announced the public launch of the world’s first online marketplace for buying and selling fractional interests in existing commercial real estate (CRE).

Part trading desk, part online auction house, Realquidity connects owners of commercial property directly with thousands of accredited investors. This allows building owners to sell portions of their holdings at the asset level, while retaining control over the selling process. Any accredited investor can join the site to buy and sell fractional interests in commercial properties listed in the marketplace, bringing unprecedented liquidity to building owners and investors.

“Our mission is to bring liquidity to a traditionally illiquid asset class,” said Shawn Silk, CEO and co-founder of Realquidity. “We are fundamentally rethinking a model that has not changed in hundreds of years. An open marketplace for commercial real estate where any investor can see and compete for buildings advances the interests of both buyers and sellers through market-driven pricing, transparency, and unprecedented liquidity. Lowering capital barriers, while simultaneously allowing sellers to broaden the audience of interested bidders, will help drive inefficiency out of the market.”

Owners of commercial real estate have few options when seeking to capitalize on their assets or extract capital from their investment. Likewise, millions of potential investors are unable to buy into valuable commercial real estate deals due to high capital requirements and the inability to access deal flow.

The CRE market is built on an inefficient, opaque and outdated process in which brokers and agents handle the marketing and negotiation for each deal, typically with local networks of investors. Realquidity disrupts this antiquated model through:

  • The creation of an open marketplace for owners of commercial real estate to list fractional interests in their property, which can be bought or sold at the asset level.
  • A platform that connects building owners with a global network of accredited investors that would otherwise be unreachable.
  • A listing interface that provides easy online access to all available properties with corresponding diligence material on each.
  • A unique auction process that increases a building owner’s likelihood of maximizing the price for their asset, while providing investors with a transparent bidding mechanism, ensuring all bids are seen.

Building owners who want to offer part or all of their building for sale on Realquidity’s marketplace can create an account at or contact the customer support team. Accredited investors can apply anytime for access to the marketplace and the ability to start bidding on shares of listed properties.

About Realquidity:

Realquidity is a next-generation investment platform and secondary marketplace for commercial real estate, allowing owners of commercial property to sell fractional interests in existing buildings. Fundamentally built around liquidity creation, Realquidity offers a new model for commercial real estate that benefits both buyers and sellers. By treating commercial properties like equity stocks, the RQX (Realquidity’s marketplace) delivers liquidity to building owners and unprecedented investment opportunities to people interested in owning commercial property. Realquidity is based in San Mateo and privately funded.


Press Contact in the US:
Gregg Delman, 415-935-1804

Release Summary

Realquidity launches the world's first open marketplace for buying and selling fractional interests in commercial real estate.


Press Contact in the US:
Gregg Delman, 415-935-1804