Cintell Launches Customer Intelligence Platform to Bring Buyer Personas to Life

Enables Organizations to Collect, Manage and Share Customer Insights Companywide to Become Customer-Centric

BOSTON--()--Cintell, a SaaS company helping businesses better understand their customers, today announced the general availability of its cloud-based customer intelligence platform. The new SaaS application allows businesses to create, manage and share data-rich SmartPersonas,TM (digital models of ideal customers) throughout their organizations. Users can drive more relevant, customer-centric business decisions across sales, product, marketing and more. Cintell’s application is free to use for a limited time and available immediately for general use. Interested users may sign up for an account at

At the core of the Cintell platform is CintelligenceTM, a proprietary analytical model that combines primary research, big data insights and actual user behavior to create and maintain actionable customer intelligence. In this release, the Cintell platform addresses critical challenges in how companies utilize customer intelligence, including:

  • Publish SmartPersonasTM in the Cloud – existing efforts to share customer intelligence are static and restrictive, for example in PDF documents. Cintell users can drive stronger adoption of these insights by publishing easy-to-access SmartPersonasTM companywide in a secure, digital cloud environment, putting the latest, most critical buyer insights at the fingertips of employees in sales, product, marketing and more.
  • Build Custom Models – the Cintell platform is designed for both new and experienced users, who can leverage the pre-built, easy-to-use persona wizard informed by industry experts, or a fully customizable template-builder. Cintell supports an unlimited number of custom fields and field types to support complex, fully unique buyer personas.
  • Understand the Full Buying Committee – B2B technology purchases involve multiple individuals with distinct needs and preferences, formulating a complex buying committee. The Cintell platform allows users to visualize and share relevant insights by committee, making it easy for teams to understand and utilize these insights.
  • Execute Persona-Based Sales and Marketing – Cintell users can activate the insights contained in SmartPersonasTM by translating them directly to sales and marketing tactics. This version of Cintell includes the ability to analyze contacts and add persona insights through a variety of matching capabilities, to enable relevant, effective, persona-driven tactics.

“Our mission at Cintell is simple: create a customer-centric world by helping companies understand their buyers,” said Apparao Karri, CEO and co-founder, Cintell. “I’m proud of my team for executing on the vision so far, and invite business leaders across the world to put our platform in the hands of their marketing, product and sales teams to feel the impact of being customer-centric.”

“Using buyer personas can improve content effectiveness, sales productivity, and marketing campaign performance,” said SiriusDecisions Research Director, John Donlon. “But for organizations to gain value from personas, they must be operationalized. To achieve this, marketers must gain buy-in, share persona insights across other functions of the business, and keep persona insights up-to-date so they can be used as active strategy tools to drive customer-centricity.”

Additional features include:

  • Access to professional insights related to hundreds of job functions, detailing related skills, technology use, and job responsibilities.
  • A collaborative way for internal users to provide feedback on persona insights and validate information.
  • The ability to store and organize primary research documents such as call transcripts and interview responses.

With aggressive plans for product releases and user growth this year, the company also announced B2B marketing technology veteran Kristin Farwell has joined the company to lead customer success efforts as director of customer experience. Farwell previously held leadership roles in customer education and marketing at Oracle Eloqua and B2B agency Bulldog Solutions. In addition, serial entrepreneur and angel investor Jere Doyle has joined the company as a go-to-market strategy advisor.

Several customers have already been using a beta version of the product for three months, and are seeing meaningful traction.

“We are in the process of refreshing our buyer persona strategy and driving major customer-centric changes. Cintell is core to that effort. The tool is intuitive, fast, and a powerful way for us to put buyer insights in the hands of all of our employees.” –Dan Briscoe, VP of marketing, HCSS

“As we bring new products to new markets, Cintell has been key for us.” –Andrew Boyd, CMO, Dimensional Insight

About Cintell:

Cintell is a SaaS technology company on a mission to help businesses better understand their buyers. The company’s cloud-based customer intelligence solution enables companies to compile a rich buyer knowledge base and easily share the insight with stakeholders, making customer-centricity available and relevant for the whole organization.

The proprietary CintelligenceTM process works by allowing businesses to capture and analyze voice-of-customer research, add actionable third-party data, continuously validate and maintain these insights, and publish live, digital SmartPersonasTM. With integrations into existing business workflows and systems, Cintell aggregates and delivers rich, contextual customer insights companywide. The company was founded in Boston in 2014. For more information visit, visit us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


Version 2.0 Communications for Cintell
Emily Lospennato, 617-426-2222

Release Summary

Cintell, a SaaS company helping businesses better understand their customers, today announced the general availability of its cloud-based customer intelligence platform.


Version 2.0 Communications for Cintell
Emily Lospennato, 617-426-2222