RES Software to be Granted Two U.S. Patents For Advances that Optimize the Digital Workspace

RES commitment to a seamless worker experience for the digital workspace drives innovation

PHILADELPHIA & AMSTERDAM--()--RES Software, the leading digital workspace technology company, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will grant RES Software two patents for its technological innovations Dynamic Rule Management and Taskbar Affinity. This brings the total number of unique, granted patents for RES Software to seven, with several other patent applications pending.

“RES Software is focused on technology that manages the digital workspace, giving people a seamless experience that allows them to work the way they need to work – from any device, anywhere,” said Bob Janssen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of RES Software. “These technological innovations are critical for delivering the best possible user experience more efficiently.”

RES Software has received “Notice of Allowance” from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office stating that both patents will be granted; this normally takes place within a few months. The two RES Software patents that are now in the final stages are described below.

Dynamic Rule Management
Patent No. US20140007139
2012 for RES Workspace Manager

This technology is used by RES Workspace Manager to optimize resource management of the security engine. For example, an application whitelist may contain 60,000 rules governing which applications can be executed, by whom and under what circumstances. These rules are crucial in securing the workspace and protecting the business from careless user actions. With Dynamic Rule Management, RES Workspace Manager loads these rules as needed instead of all at once, optimizing machine resources and ensuring that the user’s experience is smooth and seamless. With this innovation, customers of RES Workspace Manager can administer complex security rules to protect the business without hindering the way the agile workforce needs to work.

Taskbar Affinity
Patent No. US20120005269
2011 for RES Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX)

This is an extension of RES Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX) that allows a user to rearrange the applications they are using, dragging them across different workspaces and/or sessions. As an example, consider the work of trade brokers in the financial industry. They use a number of financial and brokerage applications, and operate multiple monitors and remote desktops. Often they may open an application on a monitor and remote desktop, and then need to view it on another monitor. Taskbar Affinity allows them drag that application from one monitor and remote desktop to another monitor and desktop. This blended user experience is quickly becoming commonplace. Technology must adapt to support these real-world environments, and ensure worker agility and productivity.

About RES Software

RES Software brings agility and enablement to the workforce through self-service, and by optimizing service and app delivery. With a people-centric approach to services, RES Software helps organizations achieve better business results with a better worker experience, along with streamlined operations and reduced risk. RES Software boasts numerous patented technologies, faster time to value and superior customer support for more than 3,000 companies around the world. For more information, follow updates on Twitter @ressoftware and visit


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