MobileHelp Introduces MobileHelp Connect App

New Tool Allows Customers to Manage Health, Connect with Loved Ones via Smart Mobile Devices

The MobileHelp Connect app provides secure log-in access to all the applications, features and benefits previously only available via the MobileHelp Connect online web portal. (Photo: Business Wire)

BOCA RATON, Fla.--()--Empowering its customers with new ways to manage their health and stay connected to loved ones, MobileHelp®, a leader in Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (M-PERS) solutions, announced today the launch of its MobileHelp Connect® app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Accessible free of charge to all MobileHelp customers from their mobile devices or tablets with internet connection, the MobileHelp Connect app provides secure log-in access to all the features and benefits previously only available via the MobileHelp Connect online web portal.

In addition, it provides an additional platform for customers to engage with MobileHelp’s new health-management applications – such as its Medication Reminders app and Activity Tracking app – which provide users with a way to manage medication schedules and track activity levels and trends over time, respectively.

“The MobileHelp Connect app was created to serve as another connection hub for our customers and the family members or caregivers they choose,” said Robert Flippo, MobileHelp CEO. “It will also empower our customers with the tools they need to help manage aspects of their own health – at home or on the go.”

Like the MobileHelp Connect online portal, the new app works in conjunction with the company’s M-PERS devices, including the company’s new Fall Button™ automatic fall detection pendant.

Key features of the new MobileHelp Connect app include:

  • Automatic Notification – should a customer experience an emergency, a notification is automatically sent to the authorized family member or caregiver via text message, email or both, containing details on the event and how it was resolved. Information can also be shared by the customer with healthcare providers or other caregivers to provide more detailed health record information.
  • Location Requests – authorized caregivers can locate a customer who is carrying their MobileHelp M-PERS Mobile Device with this feature. Utilizing GPS technology, the current location of the Mobile Device will be displayed on a map allowing caregivers to see the location.
  • Medication Reminders application – MobileHelp Connect features a new Medication Reminders application, which allows the customer, along with their family and other caregivers, to help manage medications. This application provides customers with the ability to view medication information and set schedules within MobileHelp Connect, and then issues verbal reminders to take scheduled medications through the MobileHelp cellular base station – much like an alarm clock for medications.
  • Activity Tracking application – MobileHelp Connect also features Activity Tracking, which works in tandem with its wearable Fall Button™, an automatic fall detection pendant, to consistently track the movements of the user. The application uses the data collected by the Fall Button to chart the customer’s activity levels on a regular basis – and then allows customers to compare those levels over time. And not only can the customer track their own activity levels, authorized caregivers or family members can log in to ensure the user’s activity is maintaining consistent levels.

The MobileHelp Connect app is available free of charge for all current MobileHelp customers and their authorized family members and caregivers via the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Premium features, including Medication Reminders and Activity Tracking, are available to customers for a small additional monthly fee.

About MobileHelp

MobileHelp is America's leading provider of M-PERS (Mobile-Personal Emergency Response System) technology based in Boca Raton, Florida, and services clients in all 50 states. MobileHelp develops and distributes market-leading products such as Cellular DUO, the first and only fully integrated medical alert system with GSM/GPS technology, which provides an in-home cellular base station and a mobile device to protect customers away from home; and the Cellular Classic system, an in-home, cellular-based Medical Alert System. MobileHelp’s M-PERS devices are integrated with nationwide wireless voice, data and GPS technology to provide real-time medical monitoring services and location tracking for expedited personal emergency assistance. MobileHelp also offers Fall Button™, an automatic fall detection pendant and MobileHelp Connect®, an innovative event notification and web portal for customers, families and caregivers. MobileHelp has built a reputation for quality and affordable solutions for personal protection and peace of mind in or away from home and is the first FDA registered mobile medical alert system provider. MobileHelp is located in the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University®. For sales or more information about MobileHelp, please call 1-800-989-9863 or go online to

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Release Summary

The MobileHelp Connect app provides secure log-in access to all the applications, features and benefits previously only available via the MobileHelp Connect online web portal.


Liz Kohler, 414-828-6198