BLADE Announces BLADE Bounce

On-Demand Helicopter Charters between Manhattan and Teterboro Airport

Guaranteed within 20 Minutes

Available Exclusively on the BLADE App

NEW YORK--()--BLADE, the digitally-driven, short-distance aviation service that took the Hamptons by storm last summer, has launched a new offering (in partnership with a leading charter operator) that is poised to be as disruptive as their original crowdsourcing service.

BLADE Bounce, now available on the BLADE app, will enable travelers for the first time to charter a helicopter with a guaranteed boarding time within 20 minutes of booking. BLADE Bounce customers will fly exclusively to and from Manhattan heliports and Teterboro Airport minimizing travel time from 45 to 60 minutes by car to less than 5 minutes using Bounce.

Current offerings from competitors are priced within the $3,000 to $3,500 range. Travelers who charter through BLADE Bounce will secure an entire six seat Eurocopter helicopter for an all-in price of $800.

"By combining our next generation mobile technology and our strong relationships with direct air carriers, we are able to provide a near on-demand service that has never been possible until now," said Evan Licht, General Manager of BLADE.

"If a group of six travelers use Bounce it is approximately the same price as if they each took a car service to Teterboro Airport. It is very rare that you see helicopter pricing competitive with car services," said Greg Ramey, Director of New Markets, of BLADE.

The service launches today in time for the expected influx of private air travel over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

BLADE will announce combination jet charter/BLADE Bounce packages with leading private jet operators shortly.

BLADE Bounce access to the large New York City area airports, which service commercial airlines, is expected to be available in the near future.

The BLADE App is available on the Apple iOS and Android app stores.

As with BLADE's current offerings, Bounce flights will be operated by Liberty Helicopters, Inc. BLADE is not a direct or indirect air carrier.


BLADE, the first digitally-driven brand in short distance aviation, has revolutionized how travelers fly. The company offers travelers the opportunity to crowdsource flights or purchase individual seats on those flights directly from an iOS or Android app. BLADE’s technology enables it to optimize operator efficiencies and provide dynamic scheduling while passing savings and enhanced convenience onto its customers. The company prides itself on its irreverent sensibility as well as its unique brand of customer service.


Teterboro is the largest airport in the New York metropolitan area that predominantly services private aircraft. The airport facilitates over 600 takeoffs and landings on a daily basis.

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Evan Licht, 917-698-2499


Evan Licht, 917-698-2499