ADDING MULTIMEDIA Newest Wearable Pet Tracker From Tagg Reports When Pet May be Too Cold or Hot

Tagg GPS Plus™ with ambient temperature sensor builds on the market-leading wearable pet-tracking and activity monitoring device.

Wearable pet device Tagg GPS Plus features first-of-its-kind ambient temperature sensor and additional enhancements to deliver even greater performance and peace of mind. (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN DIEGO--()--The award-winning Tagg GPS Pet Tracker protects and improves the lives of pets and pet owners nationwide. Today, Tagg announced the newest device in its family, Tagg GPS Plus™ featuring the first-of-its-kind ambient temperature sensor and additional enhancements to deliver even greater performance and peace of mind.

Tagg GPS Plus builds on Tagg’s proven technology, which reports pet activity levels and uses the nation’s largest wireless network to provide immediate notification of a pet’s GPS location.

“With Tagg GPS Plus, we are providing an even more holistic device with the capability of sharing more information to keep pets healthier and safer,” said Scott Neuberger, Tagg’s CEO. “Based on our customers’ feedback, we’ve made a good product even better.”

Tagg GPS Plus New Features

  • TempSense Technology™ reports the ambient temperature of a pet’s location.
  • PowerSave Technology™ minimizes charging to two or three times per month by increasing the industry-leading battery life by more than 20 percent, without increasing the size of the device.
  • TrackLock Attachment System™ securely attaches the device to most existing collars.
  • Home Tagg Zone can now be set to a more contained safe area, narrowing the safe zone area by up to 75 percent.

This is the first major redesign of Tagg’s popular device first introduced in 2012. The exclusive TempSense Technology™ sends mobile alerts if a pet’s location reaches extreme temperatures, which helps combat common preventable pet deaths like heat stroke and hypothermia.

“Our top-selling device has already saved the lives of countless lost pets by instantly alerting owners. Now we offer added protection against temperature-related health risks,” said Neuberger.

Tagg is the nation's leader in GPS pet-tracking technology. Its on-collar, waterproof tracking device uses advanced GPS and the nation's largest wireless network to help find a pet anytime and anywhere. It sends texts, push notifications and email alerts when a pet gets away.

More effective than a microchip, Tagg GPS Plus ensures that customers do not have to passively rely on the kindness of strangers or vet availability, and there’s no delay in retrieval.

Tagg GPS Plus helps counteract problematic health issues of the estimated 54 percent of obese and overweight pets in the United States. The fitness monitor uses a built-in accelerometer to measure a pet’s activity, and allows an owner to set goals and proactively keep a pet healthy.

Pricing and Availability

Consumers can pre-order Tagg GPS Plus at for $89.95 for a limited time; this is 25 percent off the $119.95 retail price. Tagg GPS Plus will be available at, Verizon Wireless stores, and other retailers.

About Tagg

As the industry-leading and largest pet wearable company, Tagg provides pet owners technology to ensure safety, measure activity and express their love for their pets. Using advanced GPS and cellular technology, Tagg places owners in control of their pets’ well-being by notifying them if the pet becomes lost, tracking activity levels remotely and monitoring ambient temperatures to prevent life-threatening situations. Tagg delivers five times more battery life than most competitors. Tagg has been honored with multiple awards for innovation in the pet and technology industries.


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Release Summary

Tagg GPS Plus uses advanced GPS, an accelerometer, ambient temperature sensoring and wireless technology to help people locate and track activities of their pets.


Brighton Agency
Mallory Gnaegy, 314-505-5299