Cloudmark Introduces Enhanced Version of Industry-Leading Messaging Security Protection Solution

Cloudmark Security Platform for Email Protects Against All Forms of Messaging Abuse Before They Impact Network Infrastructure and Subscribers; Reduces Hardware Requirements and Operational Costs

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Cloudmark, Inc., the most trusted leader in security, protecting traffic, data and infrastructure from network threats, today announced the latest release of Cloudmark Security Platform for Email. This version of Cloudmark’s carrier–grade messaging security solution enables service providers to apply the most powerful security available to protect their messaging infrastructure and traffic against rapidly evolving spam, phishing and malware attacks. Cloudmark Security Platform for Email features new enhancements for flexible deployment, simplified policy management, increased message-delivery control and optimized message-handling performance.

Cloudmark Security Platform for Email is the trusted messaging security platform of choice for service providers, protecting more than 450 million email boxes worldwide from ever-evolving messaging threats. With the Cloudmark solution, service providers can quickly and efficiently detect and block all forms of messaging abuse before it impacts their subscribers, helpdesks, networks, and infrastructure. This improved protection frees backend mail store servers, storage systems and other network infrastructure from unnecessary traffic, reducing hardware requirements and lowering overall operational costs.

Cybercriminals continue to conduct highly-targeted phishing and spamming campaigns to launch botnets that steal sensitive personal and financial information. For example, Cloudmark recently uncovered and delivered protection against a malware campaign targeting consumers with a false free pizza promotion. When individuals opened a coupon, they unwittingly downloaded a Trojan, turning their computer into part of a malicious botnet. Such campaigns have a negative impact on consumers and cause a flood of complaints calls to service providers unless a comprehensive solution, such as Cloudmark Security Platform for Email, is in place.

Cloudmark Security Platform for Email features a flexible policy engine and an integrated high-performance reputation system enabling the solution to identify and block malicious senders and content before networks and subscriber services are affected. The heart of the solution is Cloudmark’s message inspection engine, combined with data from Cloudmark’s Global Threat Network, the world’s most comprehensive repository of global threat intelligence, which delivers sender reputation and message threat data in real-time.

Cloudmark also enables real-time spam, phishing, and malware detection in the outbound traffic stream, helping to prevent spam outbreaks that can result in blacklisting of the service provider network and an increase in subscriber complaints about outbound email delivery. Cloudmark Security Platform provides full visibility into detected threats, as well as monitoring and reporting metrics on the performance of messaging infrastructure.

While providing the highest levels of filtering accuracy against all forms of messaging abuse, Cloudmark Security Platform requires significantly less processing power than traditional open source MTAs and competing commercial solutions, enabling significant consolidation of messaging infrastructure. Service providers can flexibly deploy the platform with Cloudmark’s high-performance mail transfer agent (MTA), or with their existing MTA infrastructure to gain control over SMTP traffic and improve their messaging defenses.

“Service providers recognize the critical need for carrier-grade protection to combat increasingly sophisticated messaging threats, both for reducing the burden of unwanted traffic on their networks and for delivering high quality messaging services to their subscribers,” said Neil Cook, CTO, Cloudmark. “With Cloudmark Security Platform for Email, we have fortified our industry-leading solution with even greater capabilities for protecting the world’s leading service providers against messaging abuse. We look forward to helping service providers worldwide reduce their capital and operational expenses while providing the best possible messaging experience for their customers.”

New updates to Cloudmark Security Platform for Email deliver enhanced usability and flexibility for service providers. Key features and benefits include:

  • Newly consolidated standard SMTP and SMTP proxy capabilities—empower service providers with single-version flexibility to handle either deployment mode.
  • Enhanced user interface—enables providers to more quickly and efficiently build and maintain sophisticated workflow policies.
  • New message-delivery policy capabilities—increase control of message delivery behavior, adding flexibility in multi-tenant deployments.
  • Performance optimizations—improve Cloudmark Security Platform’s connection and message-handling performance capabilities.
  • Improved monitoring capabilities—including a new REST interface that supports granular data element requests, and a refreshed Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) interface that provides maximum integration flexibility with existing customer monitoring elements.
  • Cluster-aware, API-based message queue search and manipulation capabilities—enable providers to easily locate messages that match specified search criteria and act upon them directly to alter their routing, set a queue delay period, or remove them from the message queue.

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Cloudmark is the most trusted leader in security, protecting traffic, data and infrastructure for service providers, enterprises and consumers worldwide. Cloudmark’s patented solutions deliver immediate, adaptive and predictive protection from ever-evolving network threats with proven, carrier-grade scalability and operability, assuring business continuity while lowering infrastructure costs. Cloudmark leverages big data analytics from locally collected data and from our Global Threat Network—the world’s most comprehensive repository of global threat intelligence. Cloudmark protects more than 120 tier-one customers, including AT&T, Verizon, Swisscom, Comcast, Cox and NTT and more than 1 billion subscribers worldwide.


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Release Summary

Cloudmark today announced the latest release of Cloudmark Security Platform for Email.


Dave Bowker or Anne Lundregan, 781-684-0770