TSC Advantage Enhances Holistic Cyber Assessment to Improve Enterprise Security

Posture-based methodology transforms risk assessment for cyberinsurance, commercial enterprises and public sector

WASHINGTON--()--TSC Advantage, an enterprise risk consultancy specializing in the proactive and holistic defense of intellectual assets, trade secrets and other sensitive information, today announced that its patented Threat Vector Manager™ (TVM) technology is enhancing cyberrisk assessment and improving holistic security maturity for commercial organizations, critical infrastructure and the public sector. In addition, through its partnership with leading global insurance underwriters and brokers, TSC Advantage is transforming pre-binding risk assessment, which supports cyberinsurance policies for the critical infrastructure market and for those focusing on cyberterrorism.

Improving enterprise security posture through holistic assessment
As all organizations struggle to defend against cyberattacks, TSC Advantage is informing an intelligence-based process that aligns resources against an entity’s highest priority threats. TVM,™ through its associated Enterprise Security Assessment (ESA) component, identifies trends, patterns and areas of elevated risk within enterprise environments and offers customers a comprehensive and holistic measurement of security controls across the following six top-level domains:

  • Insider threat – Examines technical and non-technical precursors of risk from high-risk actors, events and behaviors from human beings throughout an enterprise ecosystem
  • Physical security – Focuses on the potential for physical intrusion and unauthorized access to priority locations where sensitive information is stored and accessed
  • Mobility – Explores vulnerability of data during foreign travel and from mobile devices
  • Data security – Examines risks stemming from the use and defense of enterprise IT resources
  • Internal business operations – Measures the effectiveness of initiatives that manage internal administrative vulnerabilities and critical assets resulting from personnel, organizational or business processes
  • External business operations – Examines an organization’s security strategy, policies and procedures, and threat universe resulting from external engagements

“With an increasing number of sophisticated cyberattacks arising from external dependencies, such as from third party vendors and trusted insiders, an effective security assessment cannot ignore human behavior in defense of cybersecurity, nor the financial or business constraints affecting security investments,” said Sean Doherty, president of TSC Advantage. “The holistic approach in our ESA provides evidence-based and objective assessments of internal and external forces affecting a client’s security posture, and is not limited in scope by only focusing on a singular area, such as traditional endpoint concepts and other IT-centric solutions,” Doherty said.

Transforming pre-binding risk assessment
TSC Advantage has partnered with more than a dozen insurance underwriters operating on the Lloyd’s of London exchange and worldwide insurance brokers to offer a new cyberinsurance product designed to address cyberliability exposures that arise within the utility and critical infrastructure sectors. Using TSC Advantage’s ESA risk assessment tool, insurance underwriters are afforded in-depth understanding of a pre-insured company’s holistic risk profile that considers the evolving sophistication of cyber threats and complexity of potential attack vectors.

“With the financial impact of cyber risk increasing every day, the cost of inaction leaves all organizations exposed to huge liabilities,” said Tom Quy, a leading cyberinsurance broker with Miller Insurance Services LLP of London. “By working with TSC Advantage, we are pioneering a vastly improved methodology for cyberinsurance underwriting, which rewards mature cyber security postures and allows our customers the ability to receive insurance with the broadest coverage, fewest exclusions, and tailored to their individual threat profiles.”

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About TSC Advantage
TSC Advantage is an enterprise risk consultancy specializing in the proactive and holistic defense of trade secrets, intellectual property and other sensitive information from current and emerging threats to an organization’s innovation, execution and reputation. TSC Advantage has innovated a customizable solution that provides an objective, real-world risk assessment of holistic threat and fundamentally aligns security with existing business practices. Unlike other solutions, TSC’s holistic approach to enterprise security examines traditional cyber risk and also five other domains to assess additional points of vulnerability with special emphasis on the role of external dependencies and the insider threat lurking within. TSC Advantage counts Fortune 500 businesses, startups and U.S. public sector programs among its clientele. Founded in 2006, TSC Advantage is headquartered in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit www.tscadvantage.com.

About Miller
Miller Insurance Services LLP (Miller) is a specialist insurance and reinsurance broker, operating internationally and at Lloyd's. It handles reinsurance, complex large commercial insurance business and programmes & facilities. Founded in 1902, the partnership today has over 550 people and eight international offices in the world’s key insurance markets. Miller holds Chartered Insurance Broker status, demonstrating professionalism, a client focussed approach and commitment to excellent service standards. For more information, please visit www.miller-insurance.com.


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TSC Advantage announces a patented holistic risk assessment solution to improve cybersecurity for the public sector and commercial enterprises and support cyberinsurance policies.


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