Rule Breakers – Survey Finds Millennials in the Enterprise Lead the BYOD and BYOA Trends

TrackVia Study Finds Employees Are Seeking Custom Solutions Due to Outdated Legacy Applications and Inadequate Company Devices Provided for Today’s Needs

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DENVER--()--Millennials have embraced the Bring-Your-Own-Device and Bring-Your-Own-Application revolution like no other generation in the workplace, a new study from TrackVia shows. Nearly 70 percent of all Millennials admit to bringing applications from outside the enterprise to support their work, going against corporate policies, versus just 31 percent of Baby Boomers.

Millennials, often referred to as Digital Natives, are used to finding and using technology to improve their personal lives and are ushering in the same philosophy in the workplace, frequently using tools such as Box, Google Drive and Evernote. Nearly 50 percent of Millennials use their own apps because corporate apps don’t meet their needs, compared to only 31 percent of Baby Boomers.

It’s a trend that’s likely to cause challenges for IT departments, with 69 percent of Millennials saying they never work together with IT to select new business apps, and 60 percent aren’t concerned about corporate security when they use personal apps instead of corporate-approved apps.

Other report findings included:

  • 69 percent of Baby Boomers say they never use outside apps to support their work, but only 31 percent of Millennials make the same claim.
  • Less than a quarter of Millennials (22 percent) think that BYOD/BYOA policies cause headaches for IT, but 40 percent of Baby Boomers do.
  • 35 percent of Millennials use their own apps because the corporate apps can’t be used across different devices.

“Millennials are on target to make up the majority of the workforce by 2015,” said Walker Fenton, SVP Product of TrackVia. “What we found in our research is that Millennials not only prefer to use their own devices, but their own software as well. In many cases the software provided by their companies simply isn’t meeting their needs. In today’s ‘there’s an app for that’ world, Millennials know they can buy or build flexible, mobile, custom solutions to be more efficient and productive.”

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