Bubblews Officially Launches Its Innovative Social Media Platform for Good

New platform helps people make money by sharing their content

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SAN FRANCISCO--()--Bubblews, the social network that shares, today launched a new site to its rapidly growing, global user base of over 20 million visitors per month from over 240 countries. Unlike other social networks, people on Bubblews are paid for sharing their written content. Bubblews provides an online, global community where people are encouraged to share their passions with the world in a minimum of 400 characters, supplemented by photos. The topics vary dramatically from World Cup news, to writing a first adventure book, to posting about one’s feelings on world peace.

“The idea that social media users will continue to contribute to networks for free in exchange for being seen as an expert has a fixed limit because most folks have bills to pay and should, over time, favor sites that share profits with them over those that do not,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at Enderle Group. “This is what makes Bubblews different; as people share their thoughts with the service Bubblews shares its profits with them, showcasing a respect for the user that most free sites currently lack. If the site can reach critical mass I believe this model will be far more attractive to people than the free alternatives.”

Founding Story

The 26-year old founders, Arvind Dixit and Jason Zuccari, are on a quest to change the social media model and do right by people. Prior to Bubblews, they founded a startup called VolunteerUs that recorded non-profit community service hours. Originally from Washington D.C., the two former college friends moved to San Francisco after receiving significant angel funding.

“When we originally launched Bubblews’s beta back in 2012, it was a test to see if the concept would work,” said Arvind Dixit, chief executive officer and founder of Bubblews. “After millions of people started visiting the site from around the world and climbing to the top of the Alexa charts, we realized that we could turn our dream into a viable business, not only for us but for all Bubblews users too.”

Bubblews: How It Works

Anyone can easily use Bubblews by following three simple steps:

  • Register for free in under 60 seconds
  • Customize your profile and check out your “bank”
  • Write and submit your first post

Once a user writes 400 characters, most continue well beyond that minimum and continue to write. Users can also opt-in to include a photo by either uploading photos that they own or by tapping into Pixabay’s library via a partnership Bubblews has with the picture-sharing community.

As users explore the site, they can seamlessly transition to other’s posts and have the ability to “follow” that user, “star” a post or leave a comment. Users receive a notification and compensation for each star, comment and view they receive.

Users receive payment to a Bubblews bank that after reaching $50 can be cashed out using PayPal. Like most social networks, Bubblews has coined its own lingo – each post is called a bubble. Bubblews has replaced the popular hashtag with a plus sign (+) and users can tag each other by using an ampersand (&).

People Using Bubblews to Change Lives for Good

People around the world are using the site to change lives, for example, one user from Alberta, Canada measures her success not by the number of trips to “the bank” but by how she has helped others earn, how much knowledge others have gained, and how much knowledge she has shared. Bubblews has changed lives by helping people to educate each other around the world.

“Our community is global and as our users are compensated, we’ve seen a trend in continuing community offline,” said Jason Zuccari, president and co-founder, Bubblews. “Our users regularly write and share insights on how they’re using the site. We have single mothers using Bubblews to purchase their children birthday gifts, college kids buying textbooks and volunteer groups sending supplies to third-world countries. As we leave beta and continue to grow, our focus is on giving people around the world even more opportunity.”

To start bubbling today, please visit www.bubblews.com.

About Bubblews

Bubblews is a social networking company that provides access to opportunity to people across the world. Serving more than 20 million visitors per month in over 240 countries, Bubblews is a top website internationally. Founded in 2012, by Arvind Dixit and Jason Zuccari, Bubblews is headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. and has received seed and angel Funding from AJZ Capital, LLC and Capital Financial Ventures, LLC.

For more information on Bubblews, please visit www.bubblews.com.


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Courtney Geesey, 415-241-5204

Release Summary

Bubblews, the social network that shares, today launched a new site to its rapidly growing, global user base of over 20 million visitors per month from over 240 countries.


Sparkpr for Bubblews
Courtney Geesey, 415-241-5204