Telerivet Launches First-of-its-Kind Developer Platform for Business SMS Communications Globally

Alec Ross, former Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Joins Board

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Telerivet, developer of mobile messaging solutions used by businesses and organizations worldwide, announced a new developer platform that dramatically lowers the technical barriers for developing custom automated SMS solutions. In addition, Alec Ross, former Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a long-time advocate of technology innovation, has joined Telerivet’s Board of Directors.

Telerivet’s cloud-based mobile messaging platform instantly connects businesses and organizations with their customers, employees, and community. SMS works on essentially all of the estimated 7 billion mobile devices around the world, making it the single most common use of all mobile devices anywhere. However, for many organizations, running a custom mobile communications service is prohibitively expensive and technically complicated. Telerivet breaks down these technical and financial barriers, making it possible for vastly more businesses and organizations worldwide to take full advantage of mobile messaging.

“Easy-to-use, affordable, and immediate—mobile messaging is changing the way we communicate, operate, organize our lives, and run our businesses. Telerivet has made it easy for businesses, NGOs, and developers to implement and integrate powerful, custom SMS services. We are thrilled that Alec Ross, a thought-leader in leveraging technology to stimulate economic growth around the world, has recognized the potential of Telerivet’s technology to impact emerging market organizations worldwide,” said Joshua Stern, CEO of Telerivet.

New Cloud Script API

Telerivet’s new Cloud Script API platform is a cloud-based development platform that enables developers to create, monitor, and modify custom mobile messaging services in JavaScript from their web browser. A first-of-its-kind developer platform, the Cloud Script API does not require developers to set up servers or development environments--eliminating the technical overhead usually required to create custom SMS solutions.

“With nearly 75 per cent of our current customers using our API and Rules Engine, our new Cloud Script API platform will make it easier for organizations and developers to create innovative SMS solutions to connect with their customers, employees, and communities,” said Stern.

Alec Ross Joins Telerivet Board of Directors

As Secretary Clinton's "tech guru," Alex Ross led the State Department's efforts to find practical technology solutions for some of the globe's most vexing problems on health care, poverty, human rights, and ethnic conflicts, earning him numerous accolades including the Distinguished Honor Award.

“Mobile and SMS technologies are playing a crucial role in connecting the unconnected, fostering economic growth, and strengthening human rights and health around the world,” said Alec Ross. “As someone who works on the geopolitical stage, I have found that Telerivet has one of the few products that can reach into the deepest, most isolated, parts of the world and have a hard economic impact. I am excited to be working with Telerivet in their effort to make robust, cost-effective, two-way communications possible anywhere in the world.”

The Power of Connecting People and Organizations Through SMS

Since Telerivet was founded in 2012, businesses and organizations in more than 150 countries have used Telerivet to communicate with over 1 million people. With Telerivet, organizations can easily and affordably create their own mobile messaging solutions, such as polls and surveys, subscriptions, and auto-replies. Use cases include:

  • Microfinance institutions including and Zidisha use Telerivet to communicate with borrowers and lenders in Kenya via SMS, sending loan repayment reminders and tracking loan payments via M-PESA.
  • E-commerce companies and online marketplaces -- ranging from booksellers in Indonesia to artisans in Morocco -- use Telerivet to communicate with buyers and sellers via SMS during the order process.
  • Local IT consultancies use Telerivet to build SMS solutions for small businesses to attract new customers and implement loyalty programs.
  • Dozens of radio stations across Africa use Telerivet for two-way, real-time interaction with listeners, collecting opinions from rural farmers to help shape agricultural policy.
  • Clinics and health promotion NGOs use Telerivet to send appointment reminders and provide interactive health education via SMS.
  • World Bank-funded international development projects use Telerivet to crowdsource local information on water infrastructure via SMS and forward reports to civil engineers.

About Telerivet

Telerivet’s best-in-class mobile messaging platform at empowers organizations to implement robust, cost-effective, two-way mobile communications anywhere in the world. Built to work in challenging environments, even those with limited technology infrastructure, Telerivet makes mobile communication with customers, employees, and communities virtually effortless. With Telerivet, organizations can easily deploy messaging campaigns, automate messages and replies, conduct polls and surveys, and build custom SMS services. Telerivet is backed by Javelin Venture Partners and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.


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Telerivet press release, announcing new SMS development platform and appointment of Alec Ross to Telerivet's Board of Directors


Julie Galla, 604-738-0595