Scrub Daddy Named Most Successful Product in Shark Tank’s 5-Year History with ABC Network

New Product Lines, Additional Employees, Acceptance into the Entire Kroger Chain and Continued Purchase Orders Drives Impressive Growth

FOLCROFT, Pa.--()--Fresh off the triumph of being named the most successful product in the history of ABC’s hit television series Shark Tank, Scrub Daddy is proud to announce two new product lines that promise to make the revolutionary household cleaning products company even more dynamic.

After having competed with some of the most innovative and successful products to debut on Shark Tank during “Swimming With Sharks,” a network special produced by ABC News for Lincoln Square Productions that aired May 2, 2014, Scrub Daddy inventor Aaron Krause and Shark Tank impresario Lori Greiner are thrilled to announce the addition of signature sponge lines Scrub Daddy HD (Heavy Duty) and Lemon Fresh Scrub Daddy.

Scrub Daddy’s incredible rise from garage invention to Shark Tank fame and popular household product has garnered media attention nationwide, including a recent appearance on ABC’s Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis and CNBC’s “Lori Greiner’s Best Investment” segment.

During his appearance on Real Biz, Krause spoke about Scrub Daddy’s meteoric rise from burgeoning product to international home cleaning phenomenon and how his firm has leveraged its Shark Tank fame into an avalanche of sales.

“The worldwide exposure [Shark Tank] gives you instantly makes you a recognized brand,” Krause told Jarvis during their interview. “It’s what you do with it after that happens which really makes you successful or not.”

What Krause has chosen to do with his Shark Tank success is parlay it into a thriving business with no downward trend in sight. Scrub Daddy’s recent strides have led to substantial growth, including 30 new employees at the firm’s brand new Folcroft, Pennsylvania headquarters.

“One of the most exciting aspects of being an inventor and an entrepreneur is to not only see this product grow and help people but also to grow a business and hire hardworking Americans,” Krause said. “We are so pleased to hire dozens of Pennsylvanians, and we look forward to future growth and more opportunities to expand into many new product lines.”

The release of the Scrub Daddy HD and Lemon Fresh Scrub Daddy lines follows recent purchase orders from some of the nation’s most respected retailers, including placement into grocery giant Kroger’s KR (NYSE) shelves nationwide, as well as continued uptake by Wal-Mart WMT (NYSE), Supervalu SVU (NYSE) and Bed, Bath & Beyond BBBY (NASDAQ).

“Scrub Daddy is honored to have been accepted into one of the world’s top five retailers; The Kroger Co. We are also equally excited about the great product lines we are developing, because we feel that the market will always want more innovative cleaning products and fresher smelling sponges to tackle the dirtiest jobs around the house,” said Krause. The HD line of Scrub Daddy scrubbing blocks is excellent for larger jobs, promising to increase the surface area that can be cleaned, while the Lemon Fresh line infuses the original and revolutionary Scrub Daddy with a pleasant citrus scent.

The launch of these new lines will build on the tremendous success Scrub Daddy has experienced on QVC, with sellouts in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Scrub Daddy has received numerous favorable reviews by national, regional and local media outlets that can be found here:


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Scrub Daddy Named Most Successful Product in Shark Tank’s 5-Year History with ABC Network. New Product Lines, Additional Employees, Acceptance into the Entire Kroger Chain and Continued Purchases.


For Scrub Daddy
Michael Bilello, 813-732-0180