Personal Driver Service, RedCap, Offers Most Lucrative Driver Compensation Structure in the Industry

Innovative Transportation Startup Incentivizes Service Providers and Encourages Individual Business Growth

SAN FRANCISCO--()--RedCap, a premium personal driver service that offers private transportation via members’ own vehicles, is blazing a trail with an industry-leading driver compensation model. Unlike other companies in the transportation space, RedCap boasts residual income opportunities for drivers that allow them to not only build a business within the RedCap organization through excellent customer service and repeat clientele, but to also earn passive income by signing up new users, whether they drive them or not, recruiting additional drivers on the platform, and signing up new partners.

Whereas traditional taxi, car service or rideshare drivers rely on long, grueling hours of non-stop driving, often in their own car, to earn a decent living, RedCap has made it easier than ever for its drivers to not only make a comfortable income, but to also increase their earnings through multiple referral incentives. This structure has proven to be a win-win, in that service providers are incentivized to offer excellent service in exchange for an opportunity for repeat business, while the user has the benefit of enjoying a consistent high-quality experience from drivers they like.

“Creating and nurturing a trusted driver-friendly ecosystem is essential to the overall success and growth of RedCap as a company,” said David Zwick, CEO and co-founder of RedCap. “Others in the marketplace are expanding at a staggering rate and because of the way they have structured their business, their life blood - the service providers – eventually suffer along with the customer experience. As these brands try to silence and placate legitimate driver complaints with ineffective tactics like free pastries, RedCap drivers are making more money and are motivated through several levels of incentives to help grow the company and their own business within the RedCap structure.”

“By working smarter, I am able to average over $4,000 in a month working 30 hours a week,“ said Mitch, a RedCap driver in San Francisco. “2/3 typically comes from rides and the balance from providing services to others on the platform.”

Driver incentives at RedCap include:

  • Competitive base rate: Drivers make a minimum of $17 per hour, excluding tips, when driving RedCap customers. The clock starts ticking from the scheduled pick-up time until the customer is dropped off.
  • Referred customers: Referred customers can enter their favorite driver’s unique code on the RedCap app, to ensure the referring driver earns money even when s/he is booked. Each time the code is entered, the referring driver earns an override.
  • Referred drivers: Anytime a new driver joins RedCap based on an existing driver’s referral, the existing driver earns an override from every one of the new driver’s rides.
  • Referred businesses: Anytime a driver signs up a business account, they get override on every ride to or from that location.
  • Community leaders: RedCap drivers can earn $35 per hour by helping local drivers build their businesses and maintain RedCap quality standards.

About RedCap

Founded in 2010, RedCap is a premium personal driver service where users can select from carefully screened and insured drivers to transport them in the comfort and convenience of their own vehicles. Easily accessible via iOS and Android devices, RedCap provides an invaluable resource to members who want to communicate with drivers day and night to schedule safe and expedient rides to and from their destinations. RedCap currently operates in the San Francisco Bay area and South Florida's Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, with plans to expand nationwide underway.

For more information, visit . To download the RedCap app on an iOS device, visit the App Store.

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