Wind River Reinvents the Real-Time Operating System for the Internet of Things


  • Company introduces next-generation VxWorks real-time operating system platform.
  • RTOS re-architected into a modular and scalable platform for wide range of connected devices, from consumer wearables to large networking equipment.
  • Wind River demonstrates commitment to helping companies capitalize on emerging Internet of Things opportunities.
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NUREMBERG, Germany--()--Wind River®, a world leader in delivering software for intelligent connected systems, announced that it has reinvented the real-time operating system (RTOS) to address the new market opportunities created by the Internet of Things (IoT). The latest release of VxWorks® will further reinforce the company’s leadership in its traditional markets such as aerospace, defense, medical, and industrial, and also enable the company to extend its reach into emerging applications enabled by IoT.

“The IoT has significantly changed the embedded landscape,” said Dinyar Dastoor, vice president of product management at Wind River. “An RTOS must deliver not only the expected core real-time, deterministic performance and reliability, but an entirely new level of value that is demanded by the highly connected, security conscious, remotely-managed IoT world. Our game-changing release of VxWorks 7 and the reinvention of the basic RTOS is a demonstration of our commitment to help companies address the new challenges and opportunities in IoT.”

Recognized as the industry-leading RTOS, VxWorks has been re-architected with a highly modular approach leading to the separation of the VxWorks core operating system from packages such as the file system or networking stack. As a result, individual applications can now be updated at any time without requiring a rework or retest of the entire system, increasing scalability and the ability to quickly adjust to market changes.

The latest release of VxWorks includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Modularity: New modular approach allows customers to apply targeted, efficient upgrades to packages and protocols without changing the system core which minimizes testing and recertification efforts and allows customers to sustain their systems on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Security: Comprehensive set of built-in security features includes secure data storage, tamper proof design, secure upgrade, root of trust, and user and policy management.
  • Safety: Enhanced functionality to address the increasing need for safety applications in medical, industrial, transportation, aerospace and defense.
  • Scalability: A combination of the microkernel and the standard kernel, built on the same VxWorks platform, allows customers to reduce development and maintenance costs by leveraging one RTOS foundation across different classes of connected devices, from small-footprint consumer wearables to large networking equipment and everything in between.
  • Connectivity and Graphics: Support for a broad range of industry-leading standards and protocols such as USB, CAN, Bluetooth, FireWire, and Continua, as well as out-of-the-box, high-performance networking capabilities. The graphics ready platform includes a new highly efficient stack based on the published OpenVG™* API, hardware-assisted graphics drivers and the Tilcon graphics designer tool.

The company has also enhanced its Wind River Workbench suite of developer tools for VxWorks. The suite now includes a new state-of-the-art System Analysis package that provides instant detailed access to code and system behavior, allowing developers to simultaneously optimize their code and detect bugs, memory leaks, and interlocks.

“OEMs are already responding to the business opportunities and technical requirements driven by the emergence of the Internet of Things,” said Chris Rommel, executive vice president of M2M and embedded technology at VDC Research. “Many of these connected systems require operating systems that offer more flexibility and scalability – while maintaining the determinism needed for mission-critical applications. The new capabilities found within VxWorks 7 address this evolving industry need and should help Wind River maintain its position of leadership within the RTOS market.”

More information about VxWorks 7 is available at And to learn more about how Wind River is addressing the opportunities and challenges created by the Internet of Things, visit

Wind River is showcasing VxWorks 7 at Embedded World, Hall 5, Booth No. 360.

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“We at AdaCore are excited to join Wind River in providing our customers a new level of flexibility for the development and deployment of their applications. The enhanced modularity and scalability of the VxWorks 7 platform combines well with our development tools for building reliable, safe, and secure software. Together, we look forward to delivering unsurpassed customizability of applications and systems with the accompanying economies of “just the right capabilities” for the tasks at hand.
Ed Falis, product manager, GNAT Pro for VxWorks, AdaCore

“CoreAVI is very impressed with the modularity, performance, and scalability features in the latest version of Wind River VxWorks. The combination of CoreAVI’s OpenGL Graphics and H.264/MPEG2 video drivers with VxWorks 7 provides our customers with enhanced operational capabilities to support next generation embedded display systems, and gain a competitive edge in the world of IoT.”
Lee Melatti, managing director at CoreAVI

“Curtiss-Wright congratulates Wind River on the launch of its new VxWorks operating environment, its smaller footprint and flexible approach for adding safety and security profiles will be welcomed by our rugged deployed defense and aerospace customers. We plan to start using this new real-time operating environment on our next generation open architecture module and system products.”
—Lynn Bamford, senior vice president and general manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions division

“The enhanced modularity and flexibility of VxWorks 7 will enable wider customer choices and reduce integration burdens. It will allow our customers to adopt new features without having to re-engineer and re-integrate legacy support functions related to the core operating system and hardware operation.”
Andy West, product manager, military/aerospace software, GE Intelligent Platforms

"Due to its core strengths in deterministic performance, low latency, reliability and multi-core acumen, many of our customers have already been relying on VxWorks for years. For KW-Software, enhanced scalability, functional safety, and security capabilities are key factors in addressing the specific needs of industries out-of-the-box, such as industrial control and real-time networking under the paradigms of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. We look forward to effectively assisting our customers in their implementation of cutting-edge control and automation solutions of the future with VxWorks 7. The ease of migration will help us to design and integrate new sophisticated control architectures while leveraging our investment in VxWorks 6.x and earlier versions for use with VxWorks 7."
—Andreas Orzelski, managing director, KW-Software

“Kontron is excited about the modular architecture of VxWorks 7 that will allow us to keep our embedded products competitive throughout their lifecycle by fixing bugs and adding new features efficiently, without reworking or retesting the entire system. We believe the VxWorks 7 small footprint will provide an optimal fit for our products for which a reduction in size, weight and power consumption is a critical requirement. We welcome the addition of an Open VG-based graphics stack, the Bluetooth, Continua, and the new standards-based Wind River Workbench 4 development suite. Kontron looks forward to leveraging the latest release of VxWorks for our existing and forthcoming embedded products and expects an easy migration from the previous version.”
—Hubert Hafner, Product Manager, Kontron

“The Security Profile for VxWorks 7 delivers huge benefits to developers: it protects their IP and know-how against counterfeiting, and their software against tampering and cyber-attacks. The solution is an ideal fit for embedded systems, IoT, industrial automation, and medical devices. In addition, the integrated Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology empowers developers to seamlessly deploy flexible licensing schemes, and enables new business models with hardware-based CmDongles or software-based CmActLicenses.”
—Oliver Winzenried, CEO of Wibu-Systems


Wind River
Jessica Miller, 510-749-2727

Release Summary

Wind River has reinvented the real-time operating system (RTOS) to address the new market opportunities created by the Internet of Things (IoT) with its next generation VxWorks platform.


Wind River
Jessica Miller, 510-749-2727