Reality Check for Retailers: Nearly 90 Percent of Shoppers Who Can’t Find the Help They Need Are Leaving Stores Empty Handed

New TimeTrade Study Uncovers Tremendous Opportunity for Retailers to Influence Buying Decisions, Build Customer Loyalty and Grow Revenue

BOSTON--()--Thousands of shoppers walk through store doors every day looking for guidance on what to buy, but nearly 90 percent leave empty handed when they can’t find the help they need. That’s according to a new, national survey of more than 1,000 consumers conducted by TimeTrade, the company creating powerful connections between retailers and consumers.

An even bigger blow: If the 90 percent of shoppers had received the help they needed, 86 percent would have purchased even more than planned.

“Every retailer can do the math,” said Gary Ambrosino, president of TimeTrade. “We’re talking about billions of dollars in lost sales – all because retailers don’t have the right sales associates connecting with the right customers at the right time.”

The Bar’s Rising for Retailers and In-Store Associates

Consumer expectations around service continue to climb. When asked what shoppers value most in retail associates, the number-one answer: smart recommendations. Naturally, consumers want fast-access to service and information, but when associates are providing value, shoppers actually spend more time – and money – in the store.

Here’s proof: TimeTrade’s new survey found that when consumers aren’t sure of what to buy, and actually get the help they need:

So who’s getting it right? When consumers were asked about their best shopping experiences in the past six months, Best Buy and Nordstrom were cited most often for exceeding customers’ expectations. The common thread: Knowledgeable sales associates available on demand and by appointment, offering smart recommendations and outstanding service.

“Retailers have a tremendous opportunity to convert the 90 percent of shoppers walking out the door empty handed today, into customers who would never shop anywhere else,” said Ambrosino. “The key: Giving customers the personal attention they need, when they need it most.”

Lots of retailers are answering the call. Nearly 75 percent of shoppers surveyed said they’d book personal, in-store appointments if given the opportunity. That’s one way retailers can ensure customers get the help they need from the right store associate, and increase the chances of customer satisfaction, loyalty and new revenue.

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