Glow Announces Glow for Enterprise

A progressive new health benefit for employees

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Glow, a data science company that focuses on women’s reproductive health and education, today announced the launch of Glow for Enterprise - a program looking to redefine the industry standard for employee health benefits.

In competitive hiring markets, companies are continually in search of the newest and most compelling benefits. Glow for Enterprise is a new benefit for employees to gain both access to personalized knowledge around their reproductive health as well as a 100% covered membership into Glow First, Glow’s not-for-profit crowdfunding program that helps alleviate the cost of fertility treatments. Companies that participate in Glow for Enterprise will enable fully covered access to Glow First ($50 each month for 10 months), with $0 out-of-pocket cost for the employee. It is completely confidential to participate and is available for both female and male employees.

Eventbrite and Evernote - two of the industry's most progressive and relevant companies - are the first to partner with Glow for Enterprise to empower employees and build the future of healthcare. The detailed rollout of Glow for Enterprise will be coming soon for these first partners.

"Evernote benefits are designed to offer employees peace of mind. Health and well-being play a significant role in this," said Alice Harmon, VP of human resources for Evernote. "With Glow, we're excited to be able to offer a unique and differentiating benefit that has the potential to very positively impact the lives of our employees and their families."

"At Eventbrite, we're always looking for innovative new ways to offer health and wellness benefits to our Britelings (employees),” said Emily Couey, head of people and experiences at Eventbrite. “Glow for Enterprise allows us to offer a progressive health benefit typically not offered by traditional insurance."

Many U.S. companies are being forced to pass down the rising healthcare costs to employees, while the healthcare system remains broken. Infertility continues to be acutely underserved and fertility treatments are still considered elective. In the U.S., the cost of a single assisted reproductive technology cycle can consume up to 50 percent of an individual’s annual disposable income, and that cost can be crippling. Glow aims to change that by partnering with companies to extend Glow First coverage to their employees, advancing the standard for health benefits as we know them.

“We think there is so much more to learn about our health and our bodies. Both women and men spend much of their lives trying to avoid pregnancy, but then when they’re ready to start a family, information and resources are scarce. This is why Glow is thrilled to be partnering with companies to extend fertility benefits to women and couples looking to conceive,” said Mike Huang, CEO and co-founder of Glow.

Glow for Enterprise looks to redefine the industry standard for employee health benefits and shape the future of healthcare by creating a progressive model that empowers and educates employees about reproductive health. The Glow app is available free of charge in the App Store and on Google Play, worldwide. Glow First is available in the U.S. More information can be accessed within the app and at

About Glow:

Glow was founded by Max Levchin, formerly of PayPal, as well as Mike Huang, co-founder, CEO; Chris Martinez, co-founder, business & strategy; Kevin Ho, co-founder, product; Ryan Ye, co-founder, technology, and is a data science company redesigning healthcare. It was founded in January 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. More information about Glow is available at:

About Glow First:

Glow First - a not-for-profit program - is a better way to fund elective fertility treatments. Glow First participants will contribute $50/month, for up to 10 months - the average duration of time it takes a woman to conceive. The size of the average Glow First group is dependent on monthly adoption. To offset the high cost of fertility treatments, the contribution pool is equally divided amongst any participants who were unsuccessful with a natural pregnancy after the 10 months. Glow does not take any money from the fund - it is strictly not-for-profit. Payment is made directly to the fertility clinic of the user’s choice to help pay for fertility screening or treatments.


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Release Summary

Glow, a data science company that focuses on women’s reproductive health and education, today announced the launch of Glow for Enterprise.


The Hatch Agency
Meagan Ward, 415-672-9990