Love is in the Air: Virgin Pulse Survey Finds Employees Love Their Company but Don’t Always Feel the Love Back

Nearly three-quarters of employees like or love their company, yet only 25 percent feel their employer truly values them and shows it often

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--()--With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Virgin Pulse, the market leader in the rapidly-growing employee health engagement category, today revealed the results of an anonymous survey to more than 1,000 U.S. full-time employees. The survey provides insight into what employees love about their jobs, what motivates them and how they’d like for their employers to show they care. Nearly 75 percent of respondents said they either “love” their company because it’s a great place to work or felt “pretty good” with no major complaints. Less than two percent said they hated their company and wanted out. Unfortunately, employees aren’t feeling that adoration in return. Only 25 percent of respondents said they felt their company loved them back, highlighting a major opportunity for employers to better nurture the employee/employer relationship.

While love is in the workplace air, it has nothing to do with dating co-workers. Only one third of respondents claimed to have dated someone they work with and just 12 percent said they’d enjoy going to work more if dating a co-worker. So what do employees love about their company, and what will it take for them to love it even more? Believe it or not, it’s not the money or the perks like free coffee, snacks, foosball, or nap pods. When asked what they liked most about their company, most said it’s about feeling connected to the work and people.

  • 33 percent said doing interesting/challenging work keeps them engaged and loving their job.
  • 22 percent felt passionate about what the company stands for and its mission.
  • 12 percent said their coworkers were the main reason they love their company.

When asked how they think their employers feel about them, employees say they’re not feeling the love.

  • Just 25 percent felt their company really values them and shows it often, while 41 percent said they only get occasional recognition.
  • 29 percent said their employers only pass a compliment along every now and then.
  • Five percent felt like their employer didn’t know they existed or felt so undervalued that they want out.

When asked what makes them most passionate about their companies:

  • 38 percent ranked “feeling like we’re making a difference” as most important, followed by doing interesting/challenging work, having flexible schedules and getting great benefits/perks.
  • Only 7 percent cited their income as the reason they’re passionate about their company.

When asked how their company can show employees they care about them:

  • 34 percent said supporting a work/life balance and overall quality of life is the number one way to show employees the love.
  • 32 percent said that while compensation wouldn’t make them love their job any more, it’s one of the most important ways employers can show employees they care.
  • Employees also say they feel appreciated through their benefits like healthcare and wellness benefits, 401ks, life insurance, PTO, etc., and career development and training opportunities.

When asked to rank what they wished their employers cared more about:

  • 44 percent said they wished their employer cared more about their financial wellbeing
  • 40 percent said their career development
  • 39 percent cited work/life balance
  • 35 percent cited emotional health (stress, etc.)
  • 29 percent cited overall well-being and quality of life

What kinds of benefits and perks would really motivate employees? Contrary to popular belief, employees aren’t looking for perks like weekly massages and nap rooms – those luxuries ranked lowest in importance. More than half of respondents ranked flexible work arrangements as the most important perk, followed by programs and resources to help improve their physical health and well-being including onsite gyms, fitness classes, health club reimbursements and healthier cafeteria options.

“Employees like the companies they work for, but there’s room for improvement on the employer-side of the relationship. Showing employees you care can yield big benefits when it comes to employee engagement and loyalty,” said Chris Boyce, CEO of Virgin Pulse. “These survey findings offer employers insight into some ways you can show your employees you care about them. The key is to create a culture where employees feel appreciated and supported across all aspects of their lives, while simultaneously making them feel they’re a part of something exciting and challenging. Creating a ‘we’re all in this together’ mentality and walking the talk motivates employees and helps to create a more energized, focused and driven workforce.”

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fama PR for Virgin Pulse
Amy Peterson, 617-986-5026


fama PR for Virgin Pulse
Amy Peterson, 617-986-5026