Cupron technology improves skin elasticity by 30%, independent study finds

Cupron-enhanced fibers shown to improve skin health – especially among those with diabetes – in as little as 30 days of everyday use

RICHMOND, Va.--()--According to a just-released independent study by an internationally recognized skin-testing institute, Cupron’s copper-based antimicrobial and skin-enhancement technology improves skin elasticity by as much as 30 percent in fewer than 30 days.

The double-blind placebo-led independent trial found a statistically significant improvement in two separate measures of skin elasticity – 20 percent in one and 30 percent in another – over a baseline control in just 30 days*. The findings confirm the cosmetic benefit to skin – in firmness, softness and suppleness – of the pioneering technology created by Cupron, which sponsored the study.

The conclusions are particularly encouraging news for people with diabetes, whose skin is adversely affected by the disease.

“A key step to preventing complications associated with diabetes is healthy skin,” said Dr. Gary Rothenberg, residency director and attending podiatrist for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs in Miami. “It can be a vicious cycle for those with diabetes. Not only are they more likely to develop dry, brittle skin, but any previously scarred skin is only about 80 percent of its previous strength. Anything that can improve the skin elasticity in these areas can help stave off infection as well as a range of other diabetic complications.”

Individuals with diabetes are five times more susceptible to fungal infections of the foot than those without diabetes. Complications often result from dry skin and the presence of bacteria and fungus near the feet. Cupron’s PRO Therapy diabetic socks utilize the company’s proprietary yarn technology to not only improve skin elasticity, but also kill greater than 99.9 percent of Athlete’s foot fungus on the sock in 12 hours**. The PRO Therapy System socks are thought to be able to play a vital role in foot care and health for people with diabetes.

“This news from CuTest, an internationally recognized skin-testing institute, validates what we have seen in other testing environments and from customer testimonials that we have received,” said Chris Andrews, president of Cupron. “Cupron’s copper solution offers a compelling dual benefit to persons with diabetes. The same Cupron technology that provides a self-sanitizing surface to surround the foot also improves skin elasticity, a critical measure of skin wellness. The PRO Therapy System by Cupron sets a new standard for diabetic socks. Persons with diabetes have yet another critical tool in managing a life and lifestyle with diabetes.”

The latest clinical study confirms the capacity of Cupron’s PRO Therapy System to:

  1. Reduce the signs of aging
  2. Improve skin tone, texture, suppleness and softness
  3. Make the skin softer, firmer and more flexible
  4. Improve skin elasticity by more than 30 percent in as little as 30 days
  5. Improve skin elasticity by 20-30 percent based on two scientific measures.

For further information about the results of the study and the range of products available, please visit the Cupron website at or contact Dafna Gabbay at Information on Cupron’s PRO Therapy System products can be found at

*An independent, double blind placebo-controlled study (n=60) of consumers wearing Cupron-infused fabrics against their skin regularly for 4 weeks demonstrated statistically significant improvements in two objective measures of skin elasticity. Reduced elasticity is commonly associated with aging, sagging, the appearance of a loss of firmness, and deterioration in skin texture and tone.

** The use of this textile is a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices; users must continue to follow all current infection control practices, including those practices related to cleaning and sanitizing/disinfection of textiles. This textile has been shown to reduce microbial contamination, but it does not prevent cross contamination.

About Cupron

A private company based in Richmond, Virginia and Herzylia, Israel, Cupron is the developer of proprietary technology that enhances a diverse range of products by incorporating the transformative properties of copper, an essential element of the human body. In January 2013, Cupron announced the deployment of textiles and hard surfaces in a multi-site, large scale clinical evaluation with Sentara Healthcare in Norfolk, Virginia, and further clinical testing programs are expected to be announced. Cupron licenses its technology to channel partners that integrate the technology into different applications, particularly those that benefit from copper’s natural anti-microbial effectiveness and skin-enhancement qualities. Cupron-enhanced products – including hard surfaces, footwear, clothing and cosmetic applications – are helping to improve people's lives in the consumer, industrial, military and healthcare segments. Information on Cupron’s technology can be found at


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The Hodges Partnership
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