Troon Pacific Makes History, Sells San Francisco’s Greenest Ultra Luxury Home for Record Price

Developer of multiple Platinum LEED-rated homes in California, Troon Pacific incorporates healthy living into luxury designs

Troon Pacific's 2750 Vallejo development, one of San Francisco's greenest luxury homes (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Troon Pacific, Inc. developer of environmentally sustainable luxury residences, today announced the sale of its fourth LEED® Platinum home in San Francisco. Listed at $23 million, 2750 Vallejo Street was completed in August 2013 and sold for 21 percent more than similar non-LEED Platinum rated homes.

2750 Vallejo is LEED Platinum certified and is an Energy Star rated home that features a number of design attributes that foster a healthy lifestyle. The home produces more than 11 percent of its energy needs through approximately 375 sq. ft. of solar panels mounted across the roof. Overall energy consumption rates are 70 percent less than a typical home of comparable size. The property also includes such eco- and health-friendly features as a 1,700-gallon rainwater harvesting tank, lap pool, conduits for a future electric car-charging station and a MERV 13 ERV (Heat and Humidity Recovery) air filtration system which improves health, reduces costs and creates energy efficiency.

“Discerning homebuyers who seek elegantly designed, high- quality and environmentally friendly homes are moving away from the traditional value-based pricing model to one that’s more cost-based which helps them find homes that encompass the standards they’re looking for,” said Greg Malin, CEO of Troon Pacific. “2750 Vallejo, like every Troon Pacific home, incorporates many unique design and healthy living elements that make living in the home both luxurious and enriching to homeowners’ lives.”

Luxury Residences Get Dose of Healthy Living

Globally, Troon Pacific is one of the only luxury residential developers that incorporate “healthy living” into every detail, a term that describes the thoughtful considerations which impact the architectural design and health-related features of the home: air quality, sound, lighting, safety, amenity and material choices. Design features that offer multiple exercise options as well as healthy food preparation are also incorporated into each home. In an effort to ensure each home is as healthy inside the walls as it is out, Troon Pacific works directly with industry leaders to engineer wall systems, integrate waterproofing techniques and build shells to help reduce the risk of natural forces such as mold, radon, dust, off-gassing and other unseen urban elements.

Troon Pacific is Leader of LEED Platinum Homes in San Francisco

All four of Troon Pacific’s most recent homes earned the highest available distinctions and ratings for energy efficiency from organizations including The U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) certification program; Energy Star, a government-backed program identifying energy saving buildings; Bay Area’s Build it Green certification rating program, GreenPoint and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Indoor airPLUS certification rating program.

Following are Troon Pacific’s recent projects, all located in San Francisco:

2750 Vallejo Street

Completed in 2013, 2750 Vallejo is LEED Platinum certified and is an Energy Star-rated home engineered with highly advanced technical amenities. The home features solar panels that provide more than 11 percent of the energy needed, and overall energy consumption is up to 70 percent less than a typical home of comparable size.

1970 Jackson Street

1970 Jackson is a LEED Platinum and Energy Star-rated home which incorporates natural light into every detail including glass stairs and balcony floors. Troon Pacific completed the home in 2012.

1209 Filbert Street

Troon Pacific completed 1209 Filbert, a home renowned for its award-winning yard, in 2011 and designed its spaces with contemporary living in mind. The home centers around an open-plan living area with expansive walls that are bathed in natural light from large skylights. This home is LEED Platinum certified and Energy Star- and Indoor airPlUS-rated.

2342 Broadway Street

2342 Broadway, completed in 2010, blends a historic and classic San Francisco exterior with a European-influenced interior. Expansive views from every level ensure each room receives ample natural light that allows occupants to move effortlessly between indoor and outdoor spaces. 2342 Broadway is LEED Platinum certified, Energy Star- and GreenPoint-rated.

New: San Francisco’s First Ultra Luxury Passive Home, 2680 Green Street

The company’s newest project, 2680 Green, will be a 4+ bedroom, 6 ½ bath ultra luxury passive home, a property that represents today’s highest energy standard with the promise of reducing heating energy consumption by 90 percent.

Troon Pacific incorporates such thoughtful details and technically advanced features (both behind the walls and out) as acoustic clay and specialty isolation components around drain lines to mitigate sound transmission; water-resistant anti-fracture membranes on all floor substrates; extraordinary water conservation and air quality measures; biometric security and whole-house automation; maximum use of natural light to LED lights in bathrooms and kitchens; security cameras and sophisticated interior design.

Troon Pacific’s Partners

Troon Pacific assembled a team of architects, designers, consultants and builders to take their recent projects from conception to completion. Team members include architecture by Babac Doane of the firm Ken Linsteadt Architects; landscape architecture firm Shades of Green; Interior Design by Charlot Malin of Troon Pacific, Inc. and realtor Val Steele at Pacific Union.

About Troon Pacific, Inc.

Founded in 2000 by Gregory and Charlot Malin, Troon Pacific, Inc. is an investment and development company whose residential division specializes in high-end custom homes. The company is the only luxury residence developer that incorporates healthy living into every detail. A Troon Pacific home combines leading edge design, sustainability and superior quality with integrity while maintaining minimal impact on the environment. For more information visit:


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Troon Pacific, Inc. developer of environmentally sustainable luxury residences, announces the sale of its fourth LEED® Platinum home in San Francisco.


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