Jinni, Most Advanced Entertainment Discovery Engine, Launches New App and Web Site

Jinni Powers the Entertainment Search Functions for Xbox, Comcast/Xfinity, VUDU and More; New Platform Delivers Personalized Recommendations for TV Shows, Movies and Streaming Content

Jinni - The TV & Movie Discovery Engine (Photo: Business Wire)

TEL AVIV, Israel--()--Jinni, the most advanced TV and movie discovery engine available, today announced the launch of a new, free iPad app and web site. The new platforms deliver intuitive, personalized recommendations for movies, television and streaming content that match a user’s tastes and moods. The new web site is available at www.Jinni.com and the app is available for free at http://bit.ly/1iKGDl8.

Jinni knows content better than anybody else and truly understands why a user likes what they like and can feed them more titles they'll love. Its pioneering “Entertainment Personality” technology analyzes thousands of content characteristics and connects it with a person’s viewing history to reveal the perfect movie or show to watch. Jinni has been setting the direction for the next generation of content recommendations for the industry and powers the entertainment search and discovery functions for Xbox, Comcast/Xfinity, VUDU and others.

“In viewing one's own entertainment personality a user inevitably learns more about their own tastes. Jinni puts all the elements on display for the user to explore and understand making them more meaningful, as opposed to competitors who keep this information to themselves,” said Yosi Glick, Co-founder and CEO of Jinni. “Jinni’s new website and iPad app deliver the ultimate entertainment experience with mood based recommendations so people can enjoy discovering content as well as watching it.”

How Jinni Works

Once a person registers through the website or app and begins rating content or importing ratings from other services such as Netflix or IMDb, Jinni automatically analyzes their tastes and the trends present in their viewing history to determine what moods, styles and plot elements that particular user enjoys. Jinni then constructs a unique “Entertainment Personality” for each user and makes recommendations by comparing it with the “genes” of all the titles in the platform’s massive catalog, figuring in the user’s preferences and other relevant filters.

Jinni makes watching TV social again by allowing friends and families to easily find something to watch that everyone in the group will enjoy together. By adding Facebook friends to their “social graph” users can view the entertainment taste compatibility between themselves and any of their friends. This is a fun process of discovery that also serves the higher purpose of finding that win/win scenario of a show or movie that the group will all love watching together.

Users can also sync Jinni to their cable, satellite or IPTV provider to discover a truly personal TV experience and get reminders when their favorite shows are on including AT&T U-verse, DirecTV, Comcast, Cablevision, Cox, Time Warner, Verizon, Dish and many more.

The Jinni iPad App

The new iPad application delivers the ultimate entertainment experience with on-the-go mood based recommendations, personalized TV guide, reminders, and watch lists so people can enjoy discovering content as well as watching it. In addition, users can click straight through to what they feel like watching on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, VUDU, HBOGo and Xfinity.

The new Jinni iPad app includes features such as:

  • Personalized TV listings based on the users’ unique tastes
  • Search and explore using thousands of gene combinations like “mind bending & uncover the truth”
  • The ability to build a ‘Wish List’ and be notified when the programs/movies are on
  • The power to discover new shows and movies uniquely suited to you
  • Detailed program & schedule info
  • Group recommendations
  • Follow friends entertainment activity
  • Share what is being watch on Facebook
  • Suggest & share links to favorite shows

About Jinni

Jinni is the first and only taste-and-mood based engine powering entertainment discovery. Using content genetics and nuanced understanding of user tastes, the Jinni engine powers a uniquely intuitive and personalized experience that increases content consumption and consumer satisfaction.

The Jinni service is powered by the Entertainment Genome™, containing thousands of genes that are assigned to each title to describe mood, style, plot, setting and more; this is a rich alternative to the usual genre language, which benefits both the quality of the content delivered as well as the intuitive semantic-based user experience. New titles are automatically indexed via analysis of user reviews and synopses, using a proprietary Natural Language Processing solution.

Jinni’s content discovery solution has been voted “Best Product Idea” by CableLabs. Jinni is a Webby Awards honoree, a Red Herring 100 Europe winner, an OnHollywood 100 winner, a SXSW Web Awards nominee, a TechCrunch Europas nominee, a finalist in the 2012 Connected TV Awards for Outstanding Technology Innovation, and was selected as the best movie recommendation engine by CNET and Lifehacker. Jinni also provides content discovery and recommendation solutions to European content providers Belgacom and Prisa TV. To see Jinni's award winning engine at work, visit www.jinni.com.


Glenn Mandel


Glenn Mandel