Notice to Shareholders


DB Platinum Advisors

société anonyme

Registered office: 2, boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-1115 Luxembourg

R.C.S. Luxembourg B-85.829

(the “Management Company”)

To the Shareholders of:

  • db x-trackers, Société d’investissement à capital variable with its registered office at 49, avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg – R.C.S. Luxembourg: B-119.899,
  • db x-trackers II, Société d’investissement à capital variable with its registered office at 49, avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg – R.C.S. Luxembourg: B-124.284,

(each a “Fund” and collectively the “Funds” ).

Luxembourg, 30 October 2013

The board of directors of the Management Company hereby informs the shareholders of the above mentioned Funds (collectively the “Shareholders”) of the foreseen extension in the use of websites for notifications to Shareholders.

As from 2 December 2013, Shareholders will be notified of developments concerning their investment in the Funds through the website or any other succeeding website thereto (the “Website”) as specified in the current prospectus of each Fund (the “Prospectuses”).

Going forward, the Website will be the preferred communication media unless the applicable laws and regulations in Luxembourg or in the relevant foreign jurisdiction impose other communication media.

Luxembourg law imposes publications in newspapers and/or the State Gazette (Mémorial C) in the following circumstances (list not exhaustive): convening of general shareholders’ meetings, appointments of directors and persons in charge of the daily management of the Funds or the Management Company, representation powers of the Funds or the Management Company vis-à-vis third parties, change of the registered office and voluntary or compulsory liquidation of each of the Funds or a Sub-Fund of each of the Funds.

Shareholders who subscribe or redeem for shares of the Funds on the primary market and who do not agree with the above changes are entitled to redeem their shares in the relevant Sub-Funds in accordance with the Prospectuses (as applicable). Such redemption shall be free of any Redemption Charge until 29 November 2013. Please note that the Funds or the Management Company does not charge any redemption fee for the sale of shares in the secondary market. Orders to sell shares through a stock exchange can be placed via an authorised intermediary or stockbroker. Shareholders should note that orders in the secondary market may incur costs over which the Funds or the Management Company have no control and to which the above exemption on redemption charges does not apply.

Capitalised terms used in this notice shall have the same meaning ascribed to them in the latest version of the Prospectuses (as applicable), unless the context otherwise requires.

Copies of the revised Prospectuses reflecting the above change are available on, and a copy thereof may be obtained on request and free of charge at the registered office of the Funds, of the Management Company or at the foreign representatives’ offices (as applicable).

Any further information in relation to the change may be obtained from the relevant local representatives or by sending an email to

Yours faithfully,

DB Platinum Advisors

The Board of Directors of the Management Company

Short Name: db x-trackers
Category Code: MSC
Sequence Number: 395545
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20131025T112721+0100


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