GE Launches 14 New Industrial Internet Predictivity Technologies to Improve Outcomes For Aviation, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Healthcare and Energy

  • Partnerships with AT&T, Cisco and Intel expand ecosystem for anytime, virtually anywhere access to machines for improved data flow
  • Platform open to third-party partners and developers in 2014
  • New data and analytics solutions powered by first-of-its-kind Predix software platform

CHICAGO--()--GE (NYSE:GE) announced today 14 new Industrial Internet Predictivity technologies that will enable global industries to achieve outcomes such as minimal unplanned downtime, increased productivity, preventive maintenance, lower fuel costs and reduced emissions. GE’s solutions will be powered by Predix, a first-of-its-kind industrial strength platform that provides a standard and secure way to connect machines, industrial big data and people. GE is also expanding its ecosystem to include AT&T, Cisco and Intel, which will boost wired and wireless machine connectivity.

Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO, GE, said, “Industrial data is not only big, it’s the most critical and complex type of big data. Our greatest challenge and opportunity is to manage and analyze this data in a highly secure way to deliver better outcomes for customers and society. We are developing more predictive solutions and equipping our products with sensors that constantly measure performance so our customers see major productivity gains and minimize no unplanned downtime. Observing, predicting and changing this performance is how the Industrial Internet will help airlines, railroads and power plants operate at peak efficiency.”

GE now offers customers 24 total Predictivity solutions, including 14 launched today. These solutions deliver asset optimization and operations optimization, providing more flexible solutions to manage machines and entire operations -- helping them run better, consume less fuel, get serviced more efficiently and minimize unplanned downtime.

In the last year, customers have seen improved outcomes across the board. For St. Luke’s Medical Center, which is using GE software to manage and analyze patient and equipment data, this means a 51 minute reduction in bed turnaround time and reduced patient wait times. Gol Airlines is using software to better track, analyze and adapt its flight routes and fuel consumption and predicts it will see $90 million in savings over the next five years.

For the first ten products launched in the last year, revenues are $290 million year-to-date, with orders of $400 million. GE will leverage our high-margin $160 billion services backlog to develop more technologies, grow our dollars of revenue per installed base 3-5 percent annually, and increase software sales by more than 15 percent annually. GE has 14 launch customers for its 14 new technologies. New Predictivity products launched today include:

Asset Optimization Operations Optimization
  • The Drilling iBox System (Oil & Gas)
  • ReliabilityMax (Oil & Gas)
  • Field360 (Oil & Gas)
  • System 1 Evolution (Oil & Gas)
  • LifeMax* Advantage (Power & Water)
  • PowerUp (Power & Water)
  • Rail Connect 360 Monitoring and Diagnostics (Transportation)
  • Non-destructive Testing Remote Collaboration (Oil & Gas)
  • Hof SimSuite (Healthcare)
  • Cloud Imaging (Healthcare)
  • Grid IQ™ Insight (Energy Management)
  • Proficy MaxxMine (Energy Management)
  • Flight Efficiency Services (Aviation)
  • ShipperConnect (Transportation)

About Predix

Industry has entered an era where machine data is growing at twice the rate of any other big data segment. GE has built a new platform – Predix -- that can handle the complex demands associated with processing industrial big data. Applications can be built for any system or machine -- from jet engines to MRI scanners – and be remotely managed while connected to the Industrial Internet. New solutions that leverage the platform can easily integrate with customers’ existing software and data management infrastructure to increase productivity, reduce waste and improve operations. Predix combines on-premise or cloud technologies for distributed computing and analytics, asset management, machine-to-machine communication and mobility. New platform components include Predix Machine, Predix Insight, Predix Asset and Predix Experience. The enhanced functionality helps make machines more intelligent, provides advanced asset management capability for the unique requirements of industrial assets, and delivers more advanced, portable user experiences for industrial technicians and other users. For more information on Predix, visit

In 2014, GE will also launch the Predix Technology Third-Party Partner/Developer program for solution providers, to integrate state-of-the art Predix platform technologies into their own solutions.

Industrial Internet Partnerships

As part of GE’s expanding Industrial Internet ecosystem of partners and providers, three new alliances announced today will bolster the Predix platform and enable the new Predictivity solutions to be utilized within global industries. These new partnerships follow GE’s recent collaborations with Amazon Web Services, Accenture, and Pivotal, which served to accelerate the development of the Predix platform. The new collaborations will improve wired and wireless communications between machines, develop a secure industrial strength network for machines connected to the Industrial Internet, and build virtual controls for machines.

  • AT&T and GE will work together to allow GE machines to connect to the AT&T network and cloud, creating the first highly-secure wireless communications system for GE's Industrial Internet. Workers using the system will have access to remote monitoring, diagnostics and the ability to resolve maintenance issues virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Cisco and GE will extend their existing business relationship to include collaboration in industries that may include oil and gas, transportation, healthcare, and power generation. Using open standards, this collaboration will help enable intelligent networking of advanced analytics and data between machines.
  • Intel and GE are collaborating to embed virtualization and cloud-based, standardized interfaces within the GE Predix platform. This will help enable shorter machine software upgrade cycles and an open infrastructure for global communication service providers to connect to GE's industrial machines.

About GE

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