AdFin Brings Price Transparency, Advanced Analytics to Digital Media

Trusted source of market information launches to serve both buyers and sellers

NEW YORK--()--The kinds of tools and techniques financial markets rely on are finally available for digital media. Buyers and sellers of online advertising will soon have access to cross-platform price discovery, enabling them to compare their performance to that of the entire market — in real time. AdFin, a neutral platform, launched today to bring much-needed transparency, advanced analytics, and rich visualization to the digital ad market.

AdFin has put together a powerful group of investors and advisors, with experience in the ad tech, financial tech and big data world, including former Thomson Reuters CEO and noted venture capitalist Tom Glocer. Led by former PubMatic CRO Jeanne Houweling and built by Milosz Tanski, the lead developer for Google AdMeld’s RTB and private exchanges, AdFin exists to provide companies on the buy side — demand-side platforms (DSPs), agency trading desks (ATDs), agencies and advertisers — with the information they need to streamline their buying strategies and sales. At the same time, AdFin enables sell-side companies — supply-side platforms (SSPs), exchanges, networks and publishers to identify new areas of revenue and in all ways make the most of their inventory.

“The biggest problem in the online-ad market has been its lack of transparency,” said Engage:BDR CEO Ted Dhanik. “Information is trapped in siloes. We’re happy to partner with AdFin because AdFin is solving that problem. I’ve worked with Jeanne for five years, and I trust her to bring a new level of communication and trust to a market that sorely needs them. I also believe in Milosz’s understanding of the data sets we’re working with — he understands how we want to use the data, and has built a great platform.”

Providing customers with advanced data visualization and BI tools, AdFin offers hyper-fast ad hoc querying capabilities. By offering transparent analytics, the company eliminates the need for stop-and-go testing.

“AdFin aligns with OwnerIQ’s mission to build best-in-class programmatic solutions for our retailer and manufacturer partners,” said OwnerIQ CEO Jay Habegger. “AdFin's platform promises to be a key tool in helping us benchmark our technology performance and improve our solution for clients.”

"Our integration with AdFin aligns perfectly with how we approach media trading,” said Varick Media Management VP of Trading and Platform Operations Keith Gooberman. “Our trading team executes campaigns through self-service platforms. While we will use the algorithms provided by the strongest bid technologies available on the market, we continuously analyze and adjust the targeting and bidding structure for each specific effort. AdFin’s offering gives us fast and campaign specific visualizations that will continue to push our traders to remain the best media buyers and optimizers in the market. Our approach leverages man and machine to provide the strongest outcomes, and AdFin’s technology is an important weapon in our arsenal."

“AdFin improves media-buying and account-management efficiencies, and builds stronger relationships among agencies, advertisers and supply partners,” said CEO Jeanne Houweling. “We’re here to strengthen the entire market, and make it safe for more advertisers to move even more budget into digital.”

This story first appeared in MediaPost.

About AdFin

AdFin technology provides clear visibility into the programmatic media ecosystem, revealing insights in real time, on variable pricing on across the largest and smallest players in the industry. AdFin’s Price Discovery searches enable users to query real, up-to-date prices by numerous criteria, enabling better planning, buying and trading by users. Conceived as a bias-free, agnostic platform and built on transparency, AdFin opens the curtain on programmatic buying, giving both buyers and sellers the facts on market pricing. Learn more at


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Release Summary

The kinds of tools and techniques financial markets rely on are now available for digital media. AdFin launched today to bring much-needed transparency and advanced analytics to the digital ad market.


Bill Brazell, 917-445-7316