HeartStories Launches on MoolaHoop, the Kickstarter for Female Entrepreneurs

App Designed to Help Women Replace the Noise of Negative Thoughts

The first function of the HeartStories app is to hear and be heard. Register your day on your own "noise meter" and then check out those of your friends. (Graphic: Business Wire)

FRISCO, Texas--()--Hopeless, defeated, stupid, ugly, or simply not good enough - likely not the first words that come to mind when you think of the women in your life. Surprisingly, they can be the very words those women think of internally more often than you would ever imagine.

While all of us struggle with self-doubt from time to time, women can be particularly susceptible. The rise of social networks has exacerbated the problem as more and more women are hyper-connected and measuring themselves against unrealistic social pressures to be thinner, prettier, smarter, better. This external pressure combines with internal negative messages and creates a story of self-doubt set to play on repeat in a woman’s brain.

HeartStories is an app that will help women change these patterns. The app works like this:

1) Be heard. Users go into the app and tell their friends (only 10 or less – this is not a new social network, it’s a support tool) about the noise level of the negative story playing in their head today. Identifying what’s going on is one step in the right direction to changing an unhealthy habit; being heard by others is another. Users get it out there, and their feelings are registered in the visual “noise meter.” Immediately after registering their own noise level, users are given a quick visual update on how the women they most care about are doing today. In 15 seconds, users will hear and be heard.

2) Replace the noise. It’s out there, now what? Replace it with something good. The HeartStories app will dish up one topic a day on which users can spend some time thinking about, talking about, contemplating. Out with the old, in with the new. Replacing unhealthy routines with new, healthy ones has been proven an effective way to change bad habits, according to the National Institutes of Health.

3) Take action. Sometimes, negativity can’t be drowned out by focusing on the positive. For those times - when a call, a hug, a song turned up loud or a chocolate chip cookie are really what’s in order - there’s the HeartStories Remix button. When users fill out their profile upon downloading the app, they’ll fill in some of those “this always puts me in a good mood” activities. When the user hits the Remix button, the app reminds the user - and the user’s small band of friends - about an activity or two that might help turn down the noise.

“The issue of self-doubt is one that I have personally seen women in my life struggle with - it has limited them, limited so many of us, in the lives we could be leading,” said Crystal Gornto, founder and “Chief Love Amplifier” of HeartStories. “We can use technology to address this issue in a way it’s never been before, and one that’s uplifting, fun and real. I can’t wait to bring the HeartStories app to life, and appreciate the MoolaHoop community’s support in our efforts.”

On MoolaHoop

HeartStories chose to launch on MoolaHoop because the funding site is by women, for women, helping female entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life. Funds will be used to complete the web and iOS versions first, with Android and tablet versions following as soon as funding allows.

App specifics:

  • Free to download and use
  • Single sign-on with Facebook credentials or you can create your own account
  • Notification options
  • Planned support for both iOS and Android

One More Thing: Giving Back

At HeartStories we believe we can replace the noise by sharing our stories and getting honest about the things we all struggle with. In doing so, we free ourselves to begin writing truer stories and leading better lives. But our mission doesn’t stop there.

When you log into the HeartStories app, your daily engagement will translate into sponsor dollars that go to support organizations committed to ending human trafficking. As you engage with HeartStories and your circle, you’re not only helping write a better story for yourself and the women in your network, you’re helping write a better story for all women and girls. By joining the HeartStories community, you become part of a bigger story changing lives around the world.

About HeartStories

HeartStories is a new kind of resource for women. Our mission is to create a conscious awareness about the self-limiting stories women tell themselves. We believe there is a better way to think and live. Through our new platform and resources, HeartStories will help women uncover a truer story, empowering them to live better lives.

Connect with Us

On MoolaHoop: http://www.moola-hoop.com/project/heartstories-an-app-to-replace-the-noise

Online: http://www.heartstories.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/replacethenoise

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/replacethenoise

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ReplaceTheNoise


INK PR for HeartStories
Starr Million Baker, 512-382-8981

Release Summary

HeartStories is a mobile app for women which will help them reclaim their self-esteem, and create closer friendships with the other women in their lives.


INK PR for HeartStories
Starr Million Baker, 512-382-8981