CleanWorld Expanding Successful Sacramento BioDigester

Anaerobic Digestion system will divert 40,000 tons per year of organic waste, producing renewable natural gas and fertilizers

The CLEANWORLD Team is jumping for joy at the groundbreaking of its Sacramento BioDigester expansion earlier this week. Already successfully processing 10,000 tons per year, CleanWorld's Sacramento BioDigester will be fully scaled to a 40,000 ton per year system by December, 2013. (Photo: Business Wire)

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--()--On the heels of the successful launch of the Sacramento BioDigester in December, 2012, CleanWorld officially broke ground today to expand the 10,000 tons per year facility by 300 percent to 40,000 tons per year making it the largest commercial high-solids food waste digester in the United States. Upon completion in December, 2013, the Sacramento BioDigester will convert 100 tons per day of food waste into renewable energy in the forms of heat, electricity, natural gas, and fertilizer enhancements.

The Sacramento BioDigester received tremendous attention last year when CleanWorld announced that the Phase I project, which broke ground June 2012, had already began accepting food waste in early December. Earlier this month, the Sacramento BioDigester began providing renewable compressed natural gas (CNG) to the adjacent CNG Fueling Station operated by Atlas Disposal – providing clean renewable fuel for the company’s waste hauling fleet.

CleanWorld – known as the North American leader in Anaerobic Digestion -- broke ground in May, 2013 on a 20,000 ton per year BioDigester at the University of California, Davis – an innovative project that blends landfill gas and digester gas to produce electricity for UC Davis. In 2012, the company also placed into service the American River Packaging BioDigester in Natomas, California, which produces electricity for the box manufacturing company.

When complete, the Sacramento BioDigester will produce 700,000 diesel gallons per year of renewable CNG and prevent the release 18,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. The CleanWorld facility will produce 8 million gallons a year of organic soils and fertilizer products for Sacramento area farms and agriculture and generate 1 million kilowatts of electricity to be used to power the facility and the adjacent Fueling Station.

“With the Sacramento BioDigester, CleanWorld has taken an historic step forward in developing innovative and cost effective waste management and energy solutions,” said Shawn Garvey, CleanWorld’s Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs.

CleanWorld’s proprietary anaerobic digestion technology, developed at the University of California, Davis, and fabricated and constructed in California, utilizes natural microbes to break down organic waste, generating biogas and other forms of renewable energy. CleanWorld’s BioDigesters are pre-fabricated, value-engineered, and modular-by-design, and require no additional water as do many AD facilities – meaning the system is less expensive, significantly shortens construction time and has a much smaller footprint.

“California leads the way in implementing cost-effective and sustainable waste management solutions that solve renewable energy and environmental problems,” Garvey said. “CleanWorld is working hard to put our US-made technology to work in every city and state in the United States.”

About CleanWorld

CleanWorld provides businesses and communities with cost-effective solutions for converting organic waste to renewable energy, soil enhancement products and other valuable byproducts. The company bases its waste recycling systems on a proprietary solution using anaerobic digestion, a technology that converts waste to renewable energy and other valuable byproducts through a biological system with a mix of naturally occurring bacteria. CleanWorld currently offers scalable, affordable and flexible anaerobic digestion technologies for converting a wide variety of organic waste materials into high-quality biomethane, marketable bio-based products and clean water.

Project Partners

Financing provided by Synergex, Five Star Bank, Central Valley Community Bank, California Energy Commission, CalRecycle and California Office of State Treasurer. Key project partners include Otto Construction, Atlas Disposal, City of Sacramento, Sacramento County, University of California, Davis, and Sacramento Municipal Utility District. Additionally, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, Carson Development Company, Peabody Engineering, TSS Consultants, Capstone Turbine Corp. and Frank M. Booth have played key roles in the development of the Sacramento BioDigester.


Shawn Garvey, 530-559-2791

Release Summary

CleanWorld is scaling up their Sacramento BioDigester to process 100 tons per day of food waste, converting it into renewable energies including heat, electricity, gas, and fertilizer enhancements.


Shawn Garvey, 530-559-2791